2020 Cayman Islands Classic to be played in Florida

Raider Arena on the Northwest Florida State College campus will serve as host of the Cayman Islands Classic

The 2020 Cayman Islands Classic is all set for November, but only in name this year. The fourth annual tournament featuring US college basketball teams is scheduled to be contested in Florida as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

With Cayman’s borders set for a phased reopening in September, organisers have opted to keep the tournament alive but hosted at the Raider Arena on the campus of Northwest Florida State College from 23-25 November.

“The Cayman Islands Government will be implementing a phased re-opening of its borders in the final quarter of this year that also involves a five-day self-quarantine for each visitor.  Any adjustments made to this phased approach will depend on the results of the first phase,” said Joe Wright, Chief Executive Officer for Caymax Sports. 

“Although these conditions do not make it possible for this year’s tournament to be held in Cayman, we completely understand and respect the Government’s decision and approach.  The Cayman Islands Government has done a phenomenal job in suppressing and controlling the COVID-19 disease and we commend them for that.  We look forward to bringing the tournament back to the Cayman Islands in 2021.”

Teams participating in the tournament are Kansas State, La Salle, Ole Miss, Miami, Nevada, Northern Iowa, Oregon State, and Western Kentucky. 

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