Athletes tune-up at All Comers meets

As the 2018 domestic track and field season picks up pace, several athletes have turned out to Truman Bodden Sports Complex over the past two Saturdays for All Comers meets as they tune-up for bigger meets in the weeks and months ahead.

Among the major local events on the Cayman Islands Athletic Association schedule are the CUC Youth & Carifta Championships from 23-24 February and the National Jr & Sr Championships from 15-16 June. Also in focus is the 1-2 March Inter-Secondary Championships and the 15-16 March Inter-Primary Championships.

In addition to that, athletes are looking to hit qualifying marks for the Carifta Games in the Bahamas over the Easter Weekend, the IAAF World U20 Championships in Finland and the the Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia (both in July), the NACAC Senior Championships in Toronto, Canada in July and August, and the Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia.

Cayman Islands national record holder in the javelin, Alex Pascal, has also been at the TBSC as he tunes up for the 4-15 April Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Alex Pascal is getting set for the Commonwealth Games in April.


‘All Comers 2’ Meet – 27 January

Multiple winners included Mustang Track Club runners Aaliyannah Anderson and Kassidy Forrester, who pulled off the 100m/200m double in the U13 Girls and U13 Boys divisions. Also crossing the line first in the U17 Boys 100m and 200m events was Neil Brown of HyTech Athletics.

While the javelin events were won on paper by Pascal and Carifta veteran Daneliz Thomas, the field included younger throwers including three girls relatively new to the discipline – Pascal’s younger sister, Rachel, Kylie Porter and Hannah Gibson. The male event featured Leroy Malcolm Jr, who returned to the sport after a couple of years’ layoff and fellow teenager and newcomer Mark Forbes-Cruz.

Rianna Rankin storms past the field.

Here’s a summary of winners:

U11 Girls 80m:  Deandra Bigby (Mustang Track Club) 12.51

U13 Girls 100m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang Track Club) 13.6

U13 Boys 100m: Kassidy Forrester (Mustang Track Club) 14.31

U15 Girls 100m: Renia Smith (Falcon Athletics) 13.64

U15 Boys 100m: Errol Smith (Mustang Track Club) 12.2

U17 Boys 100m: Neil Brown (HyTech Tigers) 11.89

U20 Men 100m: Brandon Williams (HyTech Tigers) 11.86

U13 Girls 200m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang Track Club) 29.02

U13 Boys 200m: Kassidy Forrester (Mustang Track Club) 28.67

U15 Girls 200m: Jazmin Robinson (Mustang Track Club) 28.16

U17 Girls 200m: Monique Gordon (Unattached) 27.9

U17 Boys 200m: Neil Brown (HyTech Tigers) 24.09

U15 Boys 400m: Jaiden Reid (Mustang Track Club) 58.5

U17 Girls 400m: Kaylee Melaneo (Falcon Athletics) 1:05.4

U20 Girls 400m: Jaden Francis (Falcon Athletics) 58.52

U17 Boys 800m: Andrew McLaughlin (345 Athletic Club) 2:24.7

Men 800m: Jermaine Brooks (Mustang Track Club) 1:58.1

Men Long Jump: Carl Morgan (HyTech Tigers) 7.31m

Women Javelin: Daneliz Thomas (Mustang Track Club) 37.13m

Men Javelin: Alex Pascal (HyTtech Tigers) 63.05m

Women Shot Put: Kylie Porter (HyTech Tigers) 9.18m

Men Shot Put: Leroy Malcolm Jr (HyTech Tigers) 11.04m

Men 1500m: Rowan McLean (345 Athletic Club) 5:37.2

‘All Comers 1’ Meet – 20 January

Mustang TC teammates Jeavhon Jackson (L) and Jermaine Brooks have been pushing each other on the track.

 Highlights included Mustang Track Club teammates Jeavhon Jackson and Jermaine Brooks duelling in the Men’s 100m and 200m. Jackson (11.08) edged Brooks (11.11) to the line in the 100m. Brooks turned the tables in the half-lap sprint crossing the line in 21.96 ahead of Jackson in 22.07.

Olivia Samuels has been the woman to beat.

Olivia Samuels cruised to the women’s sprint double with 12.57 in the 100m and 25.34 in the 200m. Meantime, younger runners Rianna Rankin and Aaliyannah Anderson, both of Mustang Track Club traded places with 1-2 finishes in the 80m and 150m for U13 Girls.

345 Athletic Club’s Ava Hider turned in an impressive time of 5:01.93, demonstrating form that she’s ready to represent the Cayman Islands at the Carifta Games at the end of March. Earlier in January, the 16-year-old made the qualifying standard with a run of 5:13.0.

Here’s a summary of winners:

U13 Girls 80m: Riana Rankin (Mustang Track Club) 10.8

U13 Boys 80m: Michail Michelin (Mustang Track Club) 11.36

U15 Girls 100m: Renia Smith (Falcon Athletics) 13.53

U15 Boys 100m: Errol Smith (Mustang Track Club) 12.12

U17 Boys 100m: Derrick Francis (Mustang Track Club) 11.76

U20 Men 100m: Brandon Moore (HyTech Tigers) 11.3

Women 100m: Olivia Samuels (Mustang Track Club) 12.57

Men 100m: Jeavhon Jackson (Mustang Track Club) 11.08

U13 Girls 150m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang Track Club) 20.8

U13 Boys 150m: Kassidy Forrester (Mustang Track Club) 21.02

U15 Girls 200m: Reandra Powell (Mustang Track Club) 27.4

U17 Boys 200m: Neil Brown (HyTech Tigers) 23.64

U20 Men 200m: Brandon Williams (HyTech Tigers) 23.01

Women 200m: Olivia Samuels (Mustang Track Club) 25.34

Men 200m: Jermaine Brooks (Mustang Track Club) 21.96

Women 1500m: Ava Hider (345 Athletic Club) 5:01.93

Men 1500m: Juan Pablo Valerio (345 Athletic Club) 4:46.8

U17 Girls Discus: Hannah Gibson (HyTech Tigers) 28.87m

U15 Girls Long Jump: Renia Smith (Falcon Athletics) 4.79m

U13 Girls 150m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang Track Club) 20.8

Ashante Graham of Falcon Athletics is trying to make the Carifta team for second straight year.

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