Back to the sand for summer volleyball series

It was back to the sands of Public Beach for volleyball lovers for the second week of the Corona Sunday Beach League Summer Series hosted by the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation on 28 May.

Starting off week two, C Division teams stepped out on the extremely hot sand ready to leave it all on the court. “I have small balls” were the first to secure their spot in the playoffs with their 4 consecutive wins.

Next was “Veronica Vaughn’s Fine Ace” with a 3-1 record, followed by “Is it in?” with a 2-2 record and “I’d still hit that” at 1-3. “I have small balls” and “Veronica Vaughn’s Fine Ace” earned their spots in the finals, the former defeating “I’d still hit that” 21-19 and the latter annihilating “Is it in?” 21-14.

With their 5-0 record “I have small Balls” may have expected a big win for the finals, but “Veronica Vaughn’s Fine Ace” stepped up under pressure and claimed the victory, 21-16.

Veronica Vaughn’s Fine Ace took Div C.

With two new teams coming down from the A Division, the teams in the B Division were in for a day full of long rallies and close games. The competition was fierce and not a single team managed to make it out of regular pool play with a flawless record.

Advancing to the semis with a 2-1 record each were: Gold Diggers, Poppin Volleys, Regulation Sized Balls, and Dat Ace Hole.

“Gold Diggers” put up a good fight against “Dat Ace Hole”, but in the end they were defeated 21-18.  Meanwhile “Poppin Volleys” struggled to keep up with “Regulation Sized Balls”, and they lost all hope of making it to the finals when “Regulation Sized Balls” crushed them 21-11.

“Dat Ace Hole” must have been tuckered out from their battle in the semis because their energy in the finals against “Regulation Sized Balls” was seriously lacking, which ultimately led to their demise 21-14.

Regulation Sized Balls won Div B

The A Division had two new teams joining their ranks in attempt to take home the Corona. Regular pool play got underway and there were many highly contested matches that were very entertaining to watch.

Not a single team emerged from pool play unscathed as they all picked up at least one loss along way. The four top teams that went onto the semifinals each had 2 wins and 1 loss.

“Team Chaos” looked very chaotic when playing against Sand Monsters in the semis. When they were unable to get their act together in time “Sand monsters” capitalised on their moment of weakness beating them 21-8. “Blazing Balls” and “Beach Storm” battled it out to move onto the finals. “Blazing Balls” just barely made the finals with a 28-26 victory over “Beach Storm”.

In the finals, “Blazing Balls” and “Sand Monsters” faced off for the second time that day. “Blazing Balls” took the lead early on and never looked back taking sweet revenge on their opponents winning 21-9.

Blazing Balls burnned things up in Div A.

In the Elite doubles division, the top male team this week was Richard Campbell and Shaun Schaller who beat Week 1 winners Jesper Barrozo and Keeble Knight by two points in the finals, 21-19. Third place was taken by Nathan Dack and Casey Santamaria, the male team heading to Island Games next month.

All the final games were extremely close and with the addition of the veteran national players this will surely be some great training ground for the rookies! Coming in fourth place, Jesse Parham and Roy Ebanks were just edged out by two points, 23-21 in the third-place match against Dack and Santamaria.

The top women’s team saw Heather Thompson and Stefania Gandolfi win again in round robin play. Other teams include Ileann Powery (second place for the week), who will be substituting in a teammate for the league as available, Cristin Alexander and Taylor Burrowes (third place for the week), and Sandy McCombs and Joanna Poyssick.

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