Beach volleyball champions crowned

With a case of Corona and a variety of Corona swag up for grabs the teams in the B Division were eager to step up their competitive spirit for the Finals. Regular pool play got underway, and Just Da Tip and Notorious DIG were quick to separate themselves from the pack with three consecutive wins each. Sandy’s Angels and I’d Hit That B went on to join the top competitors in the semis with their 2-1 record.

Sandy’s Angels and Notorious DIG faced off in the semis, and Sandy’s Angels emerged victorious with a 21-17 lead.  Meanwhile Just Da Tip conquered I’d Hit That B 21-14.

The finals and consolation match were very heated as both games had teams facing off for a second time that day. Fighting for third place were Notorious DIG and I’d Hit That B, but only the former exuded confidence going into the match knowing they had already demolished the latter 21-7 in regular pool play.

Notorious DIG’s confidence wavered late in the game and as a result I’d Hit That B managed to sneak in two points leading to their 22-20 victory.

In the Championship game Sandy’s Angels were determined not to let history repeat itself, as they had previously lost to Just Da Tip 21-16 during pool play. Despite their best efforts, Sandy’s Angels were defeated yet again, and Just Da Tip just barely emerged as the Division B champions with a score of 22-20.

The C Division was just as eager to hit the beach in hopes of bringing home the Corona prize packs and earning the bragging rights as Division C Champions.

Is It in? and Kiss Our Aces earned their spot in the semi-finals with a remarkable record of 3-0. With a less notable record of 2-1, Unprotected Sets and That Ace Though also managed to secure a place among the top four teams.

Is It In? weren’t able to maintain their flawless record in the semis, as they were demolished by That Ace Though 21-12. Kiss Our Aces experienced a similar fate as they were defeated by Unprotected Sets 21-19.

In the consolation final, the two top teams from the regular pool play faced off. Kiss Our Aces wanted to redeem themselves for losing in the semis, and they did just that by defeating Is It In? 21-17.

The championship game had the two underdogs from the top four battling it out for the title of Division C Champs. That Ace Though taught Unprotected Sets lesson on the importance of protecting your court as they beat them 21-11.

In the A Division, Balls In Yo Face were looking forward to this day because they had every intention of wining the finals for the sixth consecutive week in a row. Faced with a best of five series, Balls in Yo Face wasted no time to claim their prizes and their case of Corona defeating Friends Circle 21-15, 21-12, and 21-14.

Having easily won the finals, CIVF decided to give Balls in Yo Face some real competition. With Sun Bum goodie bags on the line, the winning team from the B Division, Just Da Tip, and Balls in Yo Face took to the court in a best of three series. With an entertaining comeback story Just Da Tip took the momentum by winning the second set and defeated Balls in Yo Face in the third set to 15 points, claiming the coveting prizes from Sun Bum.

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