Bodden takes third straight CUC Sea Swim

John Bodden of Stingray Swim Club won his third straight CUC Sea Swim in 2017.

The usually sunny conditions were not on the cards as rain clouds lingered above and a cool, light breeze blew along Governor’s Beach as swimmers got set for the 29th Annual CUC Sea Swim on Saturday, 4 November 2017.

In all, 66 swimmers took to the water for the 800m race. It was a familiar sight at the end, as Stingray Swim Club’s John Bodden stroked his way comfortably to the finish line under no threat from other participants to win the event for the third straight year. It was his second win in as many open water races this season.

Though he had a 16-second gap at the end, he said he was motivated by the presence of clubmates Zachary Moore and Liam Henry, who hung with him for the greater part of the race.

“Competition is always going to push you. No matter who it is, they are going to try to push you to do your best,” said Bodden, who finished in 10 minutes and 35 seconds.

In a scene reminiscent of their end of the last open water race, Moore and Henry matched each other stride-for-stride down the stretch. Moore took second place by what looked to be a finger-tip.

It was a race to the finish between Moore (left) and Henry.

“He snuck up on me,” Moore said of Henry. “I didn’t see him. He did a good race, but I was able to just out touch him [to the finish].”

Henry said he noticed Moore was speeding up and tried to match him but as was the case in the Fosters Food Fair IGA 800m in September, he had to settle for one spot behind his teammate. However, this time it was a podium finish of third place.

Next to finish was Avery Lambert of Camana Bay Aquatic Club, the first female finisher. Lambert, who also took the age group prize or first 13-14 girl completed the race in 11 minutes flat.

Avery Lambert (right) was the first female finisher.

She welcomed swimming in the cooler conditions. “[I prefer] when it’s like this because when you’re wearing a cap, it gets really hot. This is really nice weather for it.”

Jordan Crooks of CBAC rounded out the top five, finishing in 11:10. Raya Embury-Brown (11:32) and Sam Bailey (11:42) were second and third among the females.

Special mention must go to Coco McGrath and Luke Higgo, the only two swimmers eight and under to compete in the race.

After the main race, six younger swimmers took part in a 400m event designed to have them test the waters (pardon the pun) for open water racing as they get older. Abbygale Freebourne finished first, followed by Raejan Lawla, Sierra Broadbelt, Jessica Sergius, Marquella Sanderson and Cody McLaughlin.

See full results here: CUC results 2017 sea swim

Age group results (top 3)

8 and under


1 Coco McGrath               19:04


1 Luke Higgo     25:12




1 Lila Higgo       14:07

2 Sofia Bonati   14:11

3 Teagan Nash  16:16


1 Andre Massias  18:55




1 Jullian Crooks               12:21

2 Harper Barrowman   12:57

3 Gabriella Royston       14:05


1 Stefano Bonati              12:04

2 Rasheed Lawrence     19:09

3 Jacob Appleton             21:21




1 Avery Lambert             11:00

2 Raya Embury-Brown 11:32

3 Stephanie Royston     11:53


1 Alexander Havelin      14:56

2 Jake Bailey                   20:38




1 Sam Bailey                     11:42

2 Sarah Jackson               12:54

Alison Jackson                 13:04


1 John Bodden                  10:35

2 Zachary Moore             10:51

3 Liam Henry                    10:51




1 Kanza Bodden              24:10


1 Neil Hamp                      12:47

2 Alec Cox                           17:46




1 Catherine Ouriach      15:24


1 Colm Rafferty               15:51

2 Ryan Mushin                 16:37

3 Darren Mew                  18:59




1 Andrea Kilam-Higgo  12:39

2 Sarah Trott                    14:59

3 Nadine Gray                  17:42


1 Martin Trott                  12:43

2 Shane Donovan            13:09

3 Gavin Gray                     15:37




1 Donna Graham             15:33

2 Victoria Havlin             18:28

3 Penny McDowall         24:40


1 Mark Mackenfuss        14:21

2 Fergus Dignan              20:41




1 Victor Thompson        16:16

2 Frank Flowers              17:51

3 Jeremy Kidner              17:51

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