Bucs trample Pigs in season opener

By Mark Robson CRTV’s Roving Reporter

The Alex Alexander Memorial Cup Trophy 2019 season opened in style as Advance Fire Buccaneers played Queensgate Pigs Trotters at the South Sound Rugby Ground.

Both teams sought to lay down an early marker before the excess pounds of the festive season truly take effect. Who would be the brandy-soaked Christmas Pudding and who would be the giant turkey? In the end it was the Buccaneers who were on fire whilst the Pigs took a real roasting.

From the start the Bucs wanted to play a fast game with their firecracker of a scrum-half Dave Stringer lighting the touch paper for a series of incendiary plays that threatened the Pigs defensive line. The Bucs kept the game going forward never allowing the Pigs to settle into any sort of rhythm.

The opening try, scored by Bobby Lowe, came after sustained drives left and right allowed the Bucs to recycle quick ball. In the end, Lowe still had some work to do but stepped off his right foot to power his way to the line from about 15 metres out.

The second try was even better. Bucs’ full-back Joel Clark, with synapses firing, took a quick throw-in to himself around the 40m line and proceeded to run round the whole sounder of Pigs toward the opposite corner. Finally tackled about 10 metres out, the Bucs moved the ball swiftly through fast hands – Peter de Vere delivered a beauty of a pop pass to the on running Lowe to surge through to the line.

Although Lowe had got the points it was Tommy Kehoe, the sixteen year old debutant fly-half, who was catching the eye with a wonderful variety of short passes, missed passes and tactical grubber kicks. Mature beyond his years, his decision making was impressive.

The Bucs domination continued with Jon “Two Buckets” Stott – a fine figures of a man – making several barrelling runs down the pitch. No need for a side step from this chap. Stott and de Vere (on loan from Iguanas) were making telling contributions.

The magic moment of the first half came when a speculative clearance kick from inside their own 22 slipped through the mitts of Pigs’ Full-Back Iain Currie around the halfway line. He was naan too pleased as he staggered and falteringly tried to find the loose ball only for young Kehoe to hoof it on, outsprint all to pick up and dive over for his maiden try in senior Cayman rugby. The crowd whooped and hollered. A popular score indeed. He converted his own score to give the Bucs a healthy 19-6 lead at the break.

The second half was to be more of the same and the lead was stretched early on when Kehoe, playing with increasing bravura, sliced through a split defence before giving his Captain Mike Luxton the inside pass for an easy score under the posts. Luxton had another inspiring performance and tracked all over the park with great support lines to make himself available to his teammates.

As the shadows lengthened the Pigs became increasingly frustrated by their (a) lack of ball; (b) interpretation of the referees decisions; (c) inability to effect any influence on the game whatsoever or (d) all of the above. [Correct answer is (d)]

The final quarter became something of a procession and Dave Stringer was duly rewarded for his eleventeenth quick tap penalty when he dived over from a 5m penalty whilst the Pigs defenders were still contemplating Nietzsche’s nihilistic view on the existential meaningless of defending their own try line.

Much the same could be said as he followed that score up with a second as he stole down the blind side of a ruck only 3m from the Pigs line. Stringer wasn’t finished there though. Quick thinking again, he exploited the blind side of a ruck in his own half, releasing Joel Clark on the wing who chipped the beleaguered Iain Currie to collect the bouncing ball and run under the posts for a final score of Advance Fire Buccaneers 45, Queensgate Pigs Trotters only 6.

Stringer’s performance was head and shoulders above those around him – the irony of which cannot be lost to the pint-sized pocket rocket. It was a performance of sheer quality worthy of the CRTV Ice Cube for Man of the Match. Sadly for him he was upstaged by team mate Jon Stott who bought the commentary team two buckets of cold refreshing Heineken to secure the Ice Cube award. We are nothing if not easily bought.

 For Advanced Fire Buccaneers it will be a very Merry Christmas; for Queensgate Pigs Trotters it was a right royal stuffing.

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