Cayman rugby squad named for USA South game

A squad of 23 players has been selected to represent Cayman Rugby Football Union in its next Rugby Americas North match against USA South.

The away game on 14 May is the first of three on the calendar for the RHSW Cayman Islands NMT XVs Squad, ahead of games against Bermuda on 3 June and at home for Health City Big Game 8 on 17 June.

Chris Kennedy will captain the squad announced Sunday. Ben Blair was named as the vice-captain.

The full squad is: Jordan Southway, Johann Fourie, Pete DeVere, Simon Dunford, Danny McGrath, Joey Westin, Chris Kennedy (Capt), Mark Soto, Alex Robertson, Shaun Gerard, Shane Westin, Ben Blair (Vice Capt), Alex Pineau, Morgan Shelver, Morgan Hayward, Venasio Tokatokavarua, Mikey Wilson, Iain Currie, James McGinn, Dave Acutt, Abdul Patterson, Eddie Westin, and Robbie Cribb.

Jovan Bowles (left) and Garry Southway expect big things from the squad.

“Congratulations to those selected and this has been a very difficult selection for [CRFU Head] Coach Jovan [Bowles] and I,” said national team head coach Garry Southway.

“I want to stress that the 23 selected is for one game and there will be opportunities for the players not selected to impress in the remaining warm up game or at training for future selection against Bermuda and Mexico,” Southway said in a social media post.

Meantime, Bowles said at a press conference ahead of the selection that he’s expecting big things this year. “With our strong team and our continuity that we created through last year going into this year, we’re looking very much forward to this year’s championships, looking to prove a point,” he said.

On whether he was looking for the best players or the best combination of who would fit a particular mould, Southway replied: “We’re looking for the best 23 that can execute the game plan. So, it is a mixture of the best players and the best combination but we might leave out some good players, who might be individualists because they’re not able to follow the game plan that we hope to put into play.” will have more on the RHSW Cayman Islands NMT XVs Squad and plans for Health City Big Game 8 in the coming days.

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