Cayman swim clubs travel to compete in 50m Olympic Pool

The next generation of swimmers from all three Cayman Islands Clubs headed to Florida 21-23 April to compete in Olympic size 50 meter pools. A total of 43 swimmers, aged 8 through 17 years old, with close to half 10 years and under.

Seven Mile Swimmers and Stingray Swim Club attended the Rowdy Cup Invitational in Winter Haven and Camana Bay Aquatic Club attended the Gulf Coast Swim Team Spring Invitational, in Fort Myers, Florida. Both meets took place over three days, 21st to 23rd April 2017. Between the two meets, over 1,000 swimmers competed with more than 30 different teams. The swim meet had entries from Florida, Cayman and Costa Rica.

Many of Cayman’s swimmers had never competed in a 50-metre pool before and this was one of the primary motivations for swimmers and their families to travel internationally.

“It is great to see our swimmers competing internationally and testing their boundaries in other places. Their hard work and dedication is visibly paying off for them and their coaches,” said CIASA President Michael Lockwood.

Stingray Swim Club President, Kathy Jackson, commented on the spring meets, “This growing depth of fast swimmers at the club level is a strength for the overall growth and future of the national development and junior swim teams.”

Seven Mile Swimmers Head Coach, Darren Mew, stated “We are a young team and it was an awesome opportunity for the swimmers to swim in an Olympic sized pool. They took the experience of swimming in a big pool in their stride and had a lot of fun doing it.”

Camana Bay Aquatic Club Head Coach Caleb Miller, added “I loved watching the kids cheer each other on throughout the meet and grow together as a team. I was also impressed by the performance of the swimmers and how much they have improved over the course of the season.”

Overall for the three Cayman Islands clubs, the meets resulted in ten 1st place swims, three 2nd place and eight 3rd place swims, including strong first place results in the girls relays by Seven Mile Swimmers, Stingray Swim Club and Camana Bay Aquatic Club. Other standout achievements included six first place results by Lila Higgo and Sierrah Broadbelt set three new national records in the 8 and under girls.

Young swimmers who are interested in swimming competitively in Cayman and overseas, should contact any of the local clubs for more information. Swim meets are held locally throughout the year and a calendar of events can be found on the website.

Swimmers and Results Summary (8th or higher)

*Seven Mile Swimmers (SMS)- 13 swimmers

13 & Over category:

Jasmine Lambert-Wragg – 3rd 50m Back, 8th 50m Free, 4th 50m Fly

Nadia Simmons – 6th 50m Back, 3rd 50m Fly,


11-12 years category:

Harper Barrowman

Ella Beighton

Phoebe Claybourn

Kaitlyn Sullivan


10 & Under category:

Kathryn Lambert Wragg – 4th 200m Free, 4th 100m Free, 6th 50m Free, 2nd 50m Back, 3rd

100m Back, 1st 200m Medley Relay, 1st 200m Free Relay

Leila Kirkconnell – 5th 100m Fly, 5th 50m Fly, 1st 200m Medley Relay, 1st 200m Free Relay

Grace Beighton – 2nd 100M Breast, 3rd 50m Breast, 1st 200m Medley Relay, 1st 200m Free Relay

Nayeli Dacres – 1st 200m Medley Relay, 1st 200m Free Relay

McKenzie Pearson – 5th 50m Breast

Emily Scott


8 & Under category:

Sierrah Broadbelt – 1st 50m Free, 3rd 50m Back, 5th 50m Fly, National Records for 100m & 200m Free & 100m Back, 2nd Place Overall High Point Winner.


*Stingray Swim Club (SSC) – 12 Swimmers

13 & Over category:

Krishna Adapa

Kenneth Glidden – 3rd 50m Breast, 6th 200m Breast

Noah Hill – 7th 50m Breast


11-12 years category:

Jake Alberga – 7th 200m IM, 5th 100M Breast, 8th 100m Free, 6th 50m Breast,

Sam Dakers – 8th 50m Breast

Brittany Chin – 1st 200m Medley Relay, 6th 200m Free Relay

Alexcina Fraser

Abbygale Freebourne – 1st 200m Medley Relay, 6th 200m Free Relay

Rae Lawla – 6th 200m Free Relay

Abby Walton – 6th 100m Breast, 1st 200m Medley Relay, 6th 200m Free Relay

Katriona Williams – 1st 200m Medley Relay

Mikayla Young


*Camana Bay Aquatic Club (CBAC) – 18 Swimmers


11-12 years category:

Maeve Andersen

Dylan Bush

Nicholas Corin

Tabitha Hawkins

Tate Marr

Sofia Watler


10 & Under category:

Ciara Andersen – 6th 100m Breast, 1st 200m Free Relay, 4th 50m Breast, 1st 200m Medley Relay

Jacob Appleton

Sofia Bonati – 7th 200m IM, 6th 400m Free, 3rd 50m Free, 4th 50m Fly, 1st 200m Free Relay,

7th 50m Back, 6th 100m Fly, 1st 200m Medley Relay

Allie Capasso – 8th 400m Free, 1st 200m Free Relay, 1st 200m Medley Relay

Aleena Danter – 7th 100m Breast, 7th 50m Breast

Lila Higgo – 3rd 200m IM, 6th 200m Free, 2nd 100m Back, 1st 100m Breast, 1st 50m Free, 1st 200m Free Relay, 3rd 100m Free, 1st 50m Breast, 1st 50m Back, 1st 200m Medley Relay

Andrew Muyanga

Stefan Priestley

Ramon Rayos Del Sol

Joshua Williams


8 & Under category:

Luke Higgo – 6th 50m Free, 4th 50m Breast, 5th 50m Back

Eliana Marr

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