Cayman tapping into growing eSports market

If you’re in a certain age bracket, you’ve probably been chastised for playing your favourite video game for too long. You’ve likely been told you’re doing nothing but wasting your time. But consider this: In the emerging eSports world, the most successful player has earned nearly US$3 million from having a game controller in his hand and staring at a screen for hours on end.

That’s the new reality for today’s gamers. “eSports is going to be the next biggest sporting event within the next 15-20 years,” declares Lance Jefferson, one of the organisers of the Gamers Bay 2 tournament and convention taking place in the Cayman Islands on 7 October 2017.

“I want to kick myself in the butt for listening to my mom and others when they were telling me to put the video games down and focus…but it’s all about the timing and now is the best time to get into an industry that you love,” he said in a quick interview with

Lance Jefferson

This will be the second such event Jefferson and his Net Geekz business partner, Daniel Scott, have hosted. The previous edition attracted around 60 competitors and in the region of 350 spectators.

“The event was amazing and we want to continue to build on this event because it is a tourism attraction product,” Jefferson said, adding that competitors are also flying in for the event in addition to a guest host with more than three million YouTube subscribers.

In addition to Call of Duty Infinate Warfare and Super Smash Bros., gamers can test their skills at more sports based games like FIFA 17 and NBA2K17 at the all-day event at the Arts and Recreation Centre, Camana Bay.

“For the NBA 2K17 and FIFA 2K17 competitors, they have a chance to win $1,200. It’s a good opportunity to do something you love and earn some money,” Jefferson said.

Known for his prowess on the pitch as arguably the best goalkeeper on island, Ramon Sealy proved he’s just as formidable with a game controller in hand as SealzO and is back to defend his FIFA 17 title he won at the previous event. “Looking forward to the competition. You better come good if you’re going to take my title,” he said in a promotional video for Gamers Bay 2.

Aside from local domination, Jefferson is also eyeing further glory in the burgeoning eSports industry. “We’re trying to find the elite players and eventually take them overseas and put Cayman on the map in this industry,” he said.

The all-day event begins at 9:00 a.m. with admission of $5 for spectators. Registration for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is $400 for a team four. FIFA 17 and NBA2K17 are $150 per player and $75 for Super Smash Bros. Further details are available at


9:00am – Opening ceremony
9:30am – Call Of Duty: Round 1 Begins
10:30am – FIFA: Round 1 Begins
11:30am – Smash Bros: Round 1 Begins
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Call Of Duty: Round 2 Begins
2:30pm – FIFA: Round 2 Begins
3:30pm – Smash Bros: Round 2 Begins
5:00pm – Smash Bros Finals
6:00pm – FIFA: Finals
7:30pm – Call Of Duty: Finals
9:00pm – Closing Ceremony

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