Classic sports movies to catch on Netflix this week

Coach Carter was released in 2005 and became an instant classic for modern basketball fans

Oh, for the days of being able to get out to your local sporting venue. Whether you are there to play or watch, it has become embedded in the routines of many of our lives over the years.

One way of feeling the passion for sports while unable to get out is through film. Here’s a trio of movies based on real-life available on Netflix that highlight the relentless pursuit of achievement in sports.


This is the story of scrawny Rudy, who dreams of playing football at storied US college, Notre Dame. Undaunted, the undersized former high school player works assisting the groundskeeper and joins the school’s practice squad. The culmination of this story is one of the most heart-warming scenes ever that sees the ever-enthusiastic Rudy getting the chance to see his dream become a reality. Tough as nails men have been known to reach for the Kleenex as the movie comes to a climax.

The Fighter

This biopic focusing on boxer Mickey Ward, who has become best known for this trilogy of action-packed bouts against Arturo Gatti. After a string of defeats, Ward rediscovers his fighting will with help from his training and half-brother, a once-talented pugilist. Starring Mark Wahlberg, this film earned Christian Bale and Melissa Leo Oscars for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively.

Coach Carter

Controversial basketball coach Ken Carter, played by Samuel L Jackson, puts school before sports and benches his undefeated high school team for poor academic performance. With tough rules and academic discipline, he succeeds in setting the players on a winning streak. But when their grades start to suffer, Carter locks them out of the gym and shuts down their championship season. When he is criticized by the players and their parents, he sticks to his guns, determined that they excel in class as well as on the court.

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