Cool fun in the saddle

Eva Bothwell riding Tony the Pony compete in the Mini Majors. (photos courtesy Cayman Riding School)

More than 60 riders got in the saddle for Cayman Riding School’s Christmas Horse Show on Sunday, 8 January.

A festive environment was created for the event at the school’s location on Hirst Road, with the cool breeze provided by a cold front enhance the atmosphere. “The weather was more than a little chilly but the rain stayed away so everybody was able to enjoy the day,” said Cayman Riding School owner Tracey Surrey.

“It’s more for fun than serious completion and a very long day as we offer classes for riders of all abilities. We had riders as young as four years old participating. So, even if you have only just started riding or are a more experienced rider who competes on a regular basis – there is something for everyone,” Surrey added.

Riding instructor Stephanie Lloyd helps a younger rider negotiate their way through the ‘Winter Wonderland’.

The event is held after the Christmas rush, which allows the school to recycle around 50 natural Christmas trees donated by clients and residents in the Savannah area. They are used to create a ‘Winter Wonderland’ in the competition arena. The trees  are then given to the Department of Environment’s recycling programme.

The day started with the traditional Fancy Dress class, followed by several ‘Handy Pony’ classes, where children negotiate an obstacle course on their pony, demonstrating and putting into practice all they have learnt during their riding lessons.

Meri Hayden took part in the Fancy Dress Competition with ‘Little Miss. Long Ears’ – the friendly donkey .

As the ability of the rider increases, so does the difficulty of the obstacle course.

A short break mid-day so both the horses and riders could rest – made way for an afternoon of showjumping for the more experienced riders – with a record number of entries the afternoon was packed with excitement and great completion.




Fancy Dress

1st           Amber McMillian riding Joe

2nd          Sienna Jack riding Max

3rd          Bella Hayden riding Princess

4th           Audrey Keeble riding Mango

5th           Eva and Bella Bothwell riding Tony the Pony

6th           Jayne Brandson riding Daphne

Rosettes were awarded to all competitors competing in the Handy Pony Classes.

 Mini Majors

 1st           Skye Buckley riding Jack in the Box and Jade Hare riding Narnia

2nd          Olivia Kluyver  riding Shirley and Arabella Bullmore riding Daphne

3rd          Eva Muspratt riding Oscar and (her sister) Quinn Muspratt riding Lollypop

4th           Jardae Lawyer riding Austin and Myha Brookman riding Miss. Stephanie

5th           Lydia Smith riding Austin and (her brother) George riding Narnia

6th          Bella Finlay riding Flicka and Norah Hughes riding Narnia


Winner of the 0.6m jumping competition – Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

0.6m Jumping

 1st           Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

2nd          Amber McMillan riding Apollo

3rd          Freya Timms riding Star

4th          Olivia Kluyver riding Shirley Temple

5th          Zara Dinspel-Powell riding Lucy

6th          Skye Buckley riding Jack in the Box

 0.7m Jumping

 1st           Kayla Godwin riding Harry

2nd          Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

3rd          Jardae Lawyer riding Austin

4th           Skye Buckley riding Jack in the Box

5th          Olivia Kluyver riding Shirley Temple

6th          Freya Timms riding Star


0.85m Jumping

 1st           Juliette Forrester riding Apollo

2nd          Kayla Godwin riding Harry


The next show is scheduled for Sunday 12 February.  Members of the public are welcome and there is no entrance fee.

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