Darts Association caps year with awards ceremony

The Cayman Islands Darts Association capped its year with a celebration of its champions at a brief ceremony Sunday night (29 October) to present them with their hardware.

Among the big winners was Rosyl De Guzman, who picked up five trophies including Female MVP of the league and Ladies Singles Champion at the National Championships held at the end of September. She was also selected to her first national team. Fabio Carletti was Male MVP of the league, while Earl Smith was Men’s Singles Champion at the nationals. (see full list below) On hand to present the awards was Sports Councillor David Wight.

Female MVP and Ladies Singles Champion Rosyl De Guzman had an impressive haul.

President Cassius Anglin described 2017 as a phenomenal year for darts in the Cayman Islands. “We had a lot of new players enter the league, including a full rookie team, and a team would include six to eight players, which was a big improvement from the previous year. Overall, it was a good year. We saw some good darts,” he said.

Anglin added that another plus was to have three newcomers named to the national team to participate in the Caribbean championships in Trinidad and Tobago next year.

Meantime, he said he has high hopes that the team can show its strength against top competition from other countries at the championships. “I have all the confidence in this national team. I know with some good training, I expect us to do well,” he said.

Cayman’s best placing was fourth 10 years ago, and Anglin said: “I’m looking for us to better that next year.”

Individual awards

Female Rookie of the Year: Joycelyn Lorena

Male Rookie of the Year: Avalon Anglin

Female Most Improved: Elvira Meighan

Male Most Improved: Ramjeet Jerryband

Sportsmanship Award: Linda Locke

Female High Finish: Ashley Hardcastle (109)

Male High Finish: Chris Torrie (170)

Low Dart Game: Richard Campbell (13)

Female Most Tons: Rosyl De Guzman (49)

Male Most Tons: Fabio Carletti (92)

Female Most 180s: Miriam Rodriguez (1)

Male Most 180s: Hank Ebanks (6)

Female MVP: Rosyl De Guzman

Male MVP: Fabio Carletti



League Champions: Poison Darts

Darts League team trophies

Champions: Team Poison Darts

Runner-up: Team El Tusokeros

Third Place: Team PHKY Killers


National Tournament awards

Mixed Trio Champions: Eugene De Guzman, Rosyl De Guzman, Feliz Arriesgado

Mixed Trio Runners-up: Paul Anglin, Miriam Rodriguez, Neville Parker


Mixed Doubles Champions: Paul Anglin and Miriam Rodriguez

Mixed Doubles Runners-up: Earl Smith and Irma Smith


Ladies Doubles Champions: Linda Locke and Ashley Hardcastle

Ladies Doubes Runners-up: Miriam Rodriguez and Elvira Meighan


Men’s Doubles Champions: Hank Ebanks and Cliff Weeks

Men’s Doubles Runners-up: Earl Smith and Norrin Stewart


Ladies Singles Champion: Rosyl De Guzman

Ladies Singles Runner-up: Nida Jemina


Men’s Singles Champion: Earl Smith

Men’s Singles Runner-up: Neville Parker


Members of National Team with Sports Councillor David Wight (far left).

Cayman Islands National Darts Team

Ladies: Rosyl De Guzman, Elvira Meighan, Miriam Rodriguez, Linda Locke, Joycelyn Lorena.

Male: Hank Ebanks, Earl Smith, Richard Campbell, Alizon Agcon, Paul Anglin, Cliff Weeks, Edward Ballantyne, Feliz Arriesgado.

Manager: Cassius Anglin

Coach: Rodan Asuncion


More photos to follow on Facebook.

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