Defence dominates in CIFFA Premier League

Predators defence deflect a pass (photos and details from CIFFA)

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association witnessed one of the longest game days in its history this past Saturday with four out of five games ending tied in overtime as defensive efforts kept scoring down.

However, it did not come by surprise based on the defensive insurgence across the Premier League over the last few weeks. “We have seen consistent improvement in both the men’s and women’s leagues this season. Generally, games are ending with lower, closer scores which demonstrate the high level of skill that our teams have across the board,” said CIFFA President Adrean Russell.

Maples Jaguars vs. Subway Lady Predators
The Subway Lady Predators earned a touchdown in the first half of the game thanks to Jordyn Williams but did not receive an extra point due to Jaguars’ Nikki Ebanks deflecting the ball. The Lady Predators held the lead until Jaguars’ Khadija Chisholm intercepted the ball to score for her team, tying game 6-6. Both teams kept each other from scoring, even with the game being extended, ending the game in a tie.

Maples QB charges for a first down.

Island Heritage Predators vs. Maples
Predators’ Peter Whittaker caught a touchdown early in the game and sent the game into defensive mode for its remainder. Maples was not able to score until the fourth quarter when Kwei General caught the ball on the goal line to tie the game 6-6. Neither team was able to score again before overtime ended, resulting in a tie.

Red Stripe Wolverines vs. Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks
Both the Wolverines and Lady Sharks are known for strong defensive play which showed true throughout their game. Even with an overtime extension, neither team allowed the other to score. Notable plays were made by Lady Sharks’ Scimone Chin who made two interceptions during the game and Wolverines’ Cassandra Bodden who received a 40-yard pass. The game ended 0-0.

MaplesFS Knights vs. Burger King Panthers
The Burger King Panthers broke the day’s trend of ties with touchdowns by Jordan Cacho and Chris Bennett in the first two quarters of the game. Both touchdowns were supplemented by field goals to end the first two quarters 14-0. The MaplesFS Knights rallied defensively in the third quarter but Jordan Cacho was able to score once again and end the game 20-0.

HSM Vipers Alicia Dixon scored in overtime.

The Greenhouse Lynx vs. HSM Vipers
The first and second place women’s team met in the final game of the day. Defence reigned throughout this game, with strong tackles on both sides from Lynx’s Christsania Parker and Bernadette Beckles and HSM Vipers’ Alicia Dixon and Paige Russell. The game was sent in overtime and Lynx were able to score and lead 6-0 until the final play of the game when Alicia Dixon was able to equalize for HSM. The game ended 6-6.


Nekita Saintvil scores for Red Stripe Wolverines.

Red Stripe Wolverines vs. Maples Jaguars

The Red Stripe Wolverines took the game early with a touchdown by quarterback Antonette Vernon-Hamilton followed by an extra point. The Maples Jaguars’ defence made strong plays with key deflections by Khadija Chisholm and Somali Hall as well as tackles by Tenecha Senior. After multiple attempts, the Red Stripe Wolverines scored again with a touchdown by Nekita Saintvil in the second half, ending the game 13-0.

Island Heritage Predators vs. Kensington Hellcats
League rivals Island Heritage Predators and Kensington Hellcats met in the final game of the week. Ernesto Ebanks of Predators caught the first touchdown of the night in traffic to earn six points for his team. Hellcats veteran Perry Levy then caught the ball to equal the score 6-6. The Island Heritage Predators would later earn a three-point field goal thanks to a 40-yard kick by Roy Forbes. Rounded out by a safety by defensive lineman Joseph Tatum, the Predators won the game 12-6 to knock Hellcats on the second seed position.

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