Deloitte takes a bite out of Burger Shack

Deloitte QB Jamie Stephens controlled the offense.

Week 8 of the Burger King Flag Football Co-Ed League could easily be labelled as the most exciting, unpredictable and nail biting week of the season so far.  Including an additional game slot, games kicked off at dusk under the lights. From start to finish, teams were doing their best to give it one last go at adding the final touches to their regular season standings.

Burger Shack, a team that has been in the Co-Ed league for 7 seasons together, has impressively maintained a perfect record for 5 seasons. Despite challenges that the team has been facing this season, they have managed to keep their streak.  However, all that came to an end last Friday.

Taking the field in the second slot of the night, Burger Shack and Deloitte squared up for a game that arguably stole the attention of the whole night. Many wondered if Deloitte was up for the challenge, but their team looked posed and relaxed. “Entering the game, the team felt focused and excited,” said Carly Digham of Deloitte.

Led by their main QB, Kevin Solomon, Burger Shack played their game as they normally do, with confidence. “We’ve never really drawn up plays and it seems to work for us. As they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix It,” said Perry Levy.

Levy, who many may feel is Solomon’s most favourite receiver, secured two of the three touchdowns for his Burger Shack team, with Solomon adding one himself as he ran into the end zone. In true fashion, Will Peguero, added the icing on top each time, with extra point conversions to follow.

This however, wouldn’t throw off the Deloitte team, as they rallied in their own way and put their own points on the board. Led by QB Jamie Stephens, the Deloitte squad didn’t seem fazed at all against the experience of their opponents. Stephens was able to connect with Ryan Pull, Carly Digham and Chris Bennett for touchdowns and Ramon Sealy for an extra point.

It was Bennett’s second touchdown of the night that gave Deloitte their final lead, which they were able to keep until the game ended. Whilst there was a lot of scoring, the game wasn’t short of key defensive plays on both ends of the ball.

Gary “Peanut” Rutty led his Burger King team to stellar victory.

“Burger Shack has some very talented offensive weapons, so we tailored our defensive game plan to shut them down as best we could,” said Riley Mullen of the Deloitte team. Motivated to keep his team fuelled up, Stephen Mitzel was all over the field and even had a key interception that stopped Burger Shack right in their tracks, and ultimately secured the win for their team as it gave them back the ball with only a few seconds left. The game ended 25-23 in favour of Deloitte.

Not only did this win snap the streak of Burger Shack, but with it Deloitte has managed to move in front of Burger Shack in the regular league standings finishing first in the East.

Adding to the “Burger” night, was the league sponsor’s team, Burger King rising over PD’s in the first game of the night. Gary “Peanut” Rutty was in true form connecting with his players down the field. Burger King would go on to win the game 44-14 over PD’s, allowing them to finish 3rd in the East Division.

On the West division side, The Greenhouse finished strong on top, managing to maintain their winning streak. Popeyes, BnP’s BBQ and Cayman National respectfully follow after in standings.

The first round of the playoffs is set for 11 May starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Ed Bush Sports Complex. Games are slated into a Gold and Silver Division, with the top four from both divisions competing in the Gold.

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