Deloitte takes the lead in co-ed volleyball

After three weeks of the Camana Bay Corporate Volleyball Co-Ed League, Deloitte has taken a slim lead in the standings with Cayman National Bank falling after losing to Maples FS, who are now in second place.



Maples FS d. CNB 25-16 & 25-21

Maples FS dominated their match again by taking CNB in 2 sets. David Bakker was on fire with 3 service aces and 8 kills. Phillip Hinds also had a notable 2 block kills and 1 spike kill. Kevron Reid had three kills, and Karlie Cross had 1 service ace and 2 kills at the net. Traci McLean did a great job passing to help set up the MFS attack. Matthew Powell received 1 dig for CNB. Woodley Scott had 2 service aces and 1 dig, and John Lewis made his mark with 1 service ace, 2 digs, and 1 block kill.


M&C d. KPMG 19-25, 25-19 & 15-7

Although M&C started off lackluster in the series, they came back to beat KPMG by taking the easy lead in the third set. M&C top performers were Steve Ashworth and Manual Borden who had 4 service aces and 3 kills, respectively. KPMG noted 3 service aces, but are still looking to develop a stronger presence at the net.


SLV d. Dart 25-20, 16-25 & 15-10

This was an entertaining match to watch, with the first two sets split evenly; the third set was tense with anticipation as Silver Wheaton’s young stars took over. Hosea Harris lit up the court with 3 service aces, 11 kills, 2 digs, and 2 block kills. Lisa Strachan wowed with 1 service ace, 2 kills, 1 dig, and 1 block kill. Shamar Grant contributed with 3 service aces and 1 kill. Joshua Smith also racked up some stats with 3 service aces and 1 block kill.


D&T d. PWC 25-15 & 25-21

Deloitte powered through PwC in an easy two sets, owning their top seat in the standings to date. D&T saw Alex Verreault with 2 service aces, 6 kills, and 2 block kills. Nelson Still had 1 service ace and 4 kills. Cory Brown had 3 kills, and Michael Almendarez got on the board with 1 service ace and 1 kill. PwC saw Julian Coetzer make 2 block kills, Johann Kleyn took 2 kills and 1 block kill showing some strong presence at the net, and Hugo J van Rensburg had 1 service ace and 3 kills.


Week 4 (Wednesday 22 March) schedule:

6:00 p.m. 1 DART vs. M&C

6:00 p.m. 2 D&T vs. CNB

7:30 p.m. 1 KPMG vs. PWC

7:30 p.m. 2 MFS vs. SLV

Games are played Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Teams include PwC, Maples & Calder, Maples FS, KPMG, Silver Wheaton, DART, Cayman National Bank, and Deloitte, including players of varied ages and levels of experience. Current national volleyball players, newly certified coaches, and volunteers are assisting to run the league with officials, score keepers, and statistics recorded.

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