Down to business at Special Olympics World Games

SOCI Swim Team at the opening ceremony.

A 37-member delegation from the Cayman Islands has gotten into the swing of things in Abu Dhabi where the 2019 Special Olympics World Games got underway on 14 March.

The Special Olympics Cayman Islands (SOCI) team consists of 19 athletes, 7 unified partners, 7 coaches, 2 additional staff assistant coaches, 1 Assistant Head of Delegation and 1 Head of Delegation. They are competing in four sports: swimming (including open water), athletics, basketball, and bocce.

“It’s a very, very diverse and wide variety group both in terms of age, abilities and experience level. We have a few who have gone to Greece and LA and about half the group, it’s their first big games, so they’re very excited,” said swimming head coach Jessica McDowall prior to their departure for the United Arab Emirates capital.

She added that after several months of preparation, it’s now up to the athletes to make the most of the experience.

“We tell them ‘you’ve already put the work in and we just want you to enjoy yourself and keep focus…and do the best you can to represent your islands’. They all know what to do, so it’s just a matter of enjoying themselves,” McDowall said.

Members of the SOCI Basketball Team at the opening ceremony.

Competition opened on 15 March and the Games will close on 21 March.


Representing the Cayman Islands are:


o 4 SOCI Athletes (Pool)

Matthew Javier

Keanu McKenzie

Anachell Newman

Dayana Powery


o 3 SOCI athletes (Open Water Swim)

Alec Cox

Rasheed Lawrence

Kanza Bodden


o 2 Unified Partners (Open Water Swim)

Jennifer Powell

Lee Hart

o 1 Head Coach and 2 Coaches



o 7 SOCI Athletes

Jaheim Ebanks

Beaver “Julius” Smith

Matthew Ebanks

Lewin Solomon Jr.

Chelsea Frederick

Jordan McLean

Tessa Terry

o 1 Head Coach and 2 Asst. Coaches



o 4 SOCI Athletes

Shaun Ebanks

Junior Peart

Jharran Greenidge

Andrew Smilley

o 4 Unified Partners

Albis Amaya Germendia

Rhomar Williams

Trevor Powell

Jamel Winton

o 1 Head Coach, 1 Coach and 1 Additional Staff



o 1 SOCI Athlete

Khalid Arana

o 1 Unified Partner

Nadesha Kelly

o 1 Coach

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