Fidelity Ama Tsotsi wins Invitational 7s

Fidelity Ama Tsotsi (green) won a tough final.

The Cayman Invitational 7s is timed to give national players the necessary match preparation ahead of the Rugby Americas North 7s tournament. That’s what players got over two days of competition at South Sound from 4-5 November.

In the end, it was the Borelli Walsh Cayman Select Team facing Fidelity Ama Tsotsi in the Suzuki Gold Medal match. It was a close game that could have gone either way until the squad of South African players pulled away to win 17-12.

“It was hard-fought, and we were lucky enough to come out on the right end of it,” said Ama Tsotsi captain Rupert Stenning.

He thanked the team’s sponsors for bring over a few players from South Africa, not only to spur them on to victory but to provide quality opposition for the national side getting ready for the RAN tournament in Mexico City later this month.

“Those boys are here to help the national side and also to provide some realistic opposition, which I think that purpose was very well achieved,” Stenning told

“7s is a game where the bounce of the ball can determine the outcome, so you can’t read too much into one result but it helps to build the performance. We come together once a year particularly for this tournament and we’re happy to win but in reality, we know it’s a bit of luck and a bit of graft,” Stenning told

“All in all, it’s been a great tournament with great competition and we’d like to thank all those involved with organising it.”

Ahead of the final, the Mona Titans 7s from Jamaica comfortably handled the Wolfhounds – made comprised of British and Irish players – with a 24-0 result in the Heineken Bronze Medal match.


The Borrelli Walsh Cayman Islands 7s are grouped with Barbados and Guyana for round robin play in Pool A of the 25-26 November RAN tournament, which serves as a qualifier for the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO) Games, 2018 Hong Kong Sevens, Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 and Commonwealth Games.


Results of round robin games:

Mona Titans (Jamaica) 44  V  Cayman Club Select 0

Wolfhounds 7 V Ama-Tsoti 14

Borrelli Walsh Cayman Select 21 V Abbotsford RFC 10

Fidelity Ama-Tsoti 29 V Abbotsford RFC 0

Borrelli Walsh Cayman Select 10 V Mona Titans 5

Wolfhounds 28 V Cayman Club Select 0

Wolfhounds 26 V Abbotsford  RFC 5

Borrelli Walsh Cayman Select 33 V Cayman Club Select 0

Fidelity Ama-Tsoti 17 V Mona Titans 10

Mona Titans 34 V Abbotsford RFC 10

Cayman Club Select 5 V Fidelity Ama-Tsoti 19

Wolfhounds 5 V Borrelli Walsh Cayman Select 28

Wolfhounds 10 V Mona Titans 14

Fidelity Ama-Tsoti 7 V Borrelli Walsh Cayman Select 22

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