Flag Football teams came out to dominate

On Friday 10 March, a dozen teams came out to the Ed Bush Sports Complex for the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association’s Co-Ed League.

The first games of night were Burger Shack vs Bogle Insurance and Popeyes vs Burger King. Burger Shack vs Bogle Insurance was one of the crowd-pleasing games as both teams challenged each other to score.

In the end, players like Perry Levy and Shenell Gall advanced the ball and scored for the team allowing them to win 27-18 against Bogle Insurance. Popeyes vs Burger King was another close game. However, Popeyes became victors in that game with a 32-20 against Burger King.  Maggie Ebanks and Nicholas Roberts of Popeyes played a pivotal role in their team’s win.

The second games of the night were Maples vs Deloitte and Kirk Freeport vs Seafire. Deloitte is a new team to the CIFFA Co-Ed League but they played hard and they were not disheartened by the loss to Maples.  Key players like Martina Bodden and Fabio Gall stood out for Maples as they scored points for their team. Maples won 41-8.

Seafire, another new team, showed togetherness as you could hear them cheering for each other. Even though they lost to 42-0 to Kirk Freeport they were still in high spirts. Throughout the game Shamar Ennis and Jerry Beck of Kirk Freeport stood out for their team.

The last games of the night were between Cayman National Bank vs Uncle Clems Packers and Dart vs Tribe Tattoo Fifty Shades.  On a 2 week winning streak Uncle Clems Packers came out to continue on the winning path with players like Latoya Cover and David Taylor who contributed to their team win. The game ended with a 21-13 score in Uncle Clems Packers favor.  T

he other crowd pleasing game of the night was between Dart and Tribe Tattoo Fifty Shades. Both teams went head to head throughout the nail biter game as each team played every well both on offense and defense. The game ended in Dart’s favor in a very close score of 14-12. Samantha Grundy and Daniel Canencia stood out the most in this game for the Dart team.

CIFFA wants to acknowledge Latoya Cover (Unlce Clems Packers), Shenell Gall (Burger Shack) and David Taylor (Uncle Clems Packer) for winning Females and Male Player of the Week.

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