Flurry of goals in FA Cup matches

Kailan Miller (12) fires a shot at goal for Cayman Athletic.

A total of 21 goals were scored in four Cayman Islands Football Association senior men’s FA Cup first round games played Sunday, 28 May, with last year’s winners Elite SC along with Cayman Athletic, Bodden Town FC and Scholars International all booking spots in the quarterfinals.

These games were played seven weeks after the other half, which were halted due to an altercation between a match official and a coach that led referees and assistant referees to go on strike. Upon their return to the pitch, regular league matches took precedence, hence the nearly two-month delay.


Jedd Ebanks (file)

East End United (0), Elite SC (7)

Goal Scorers:

Elite – Raheem Robinson (1 min, 12 min, 38 min)

Elite – Jermaine Wilson (14 min, 57 min)

Elite – Wesley Robinson (23 min)

Elite – Jedd Ebanks (82 min)


Savannah Tigers FC (0) vs. Cayman Athletic SC (8)

Cayman Athletic – Almando Forrester (16 min)

Cayman Athletic – Kailan Miller (22 min)

Cayman Athletic – Shakur Welcome (33 min)

Cayman Athletic – Albertini Holness (40 min)

Cayman Athletic – D’Andre Rowe (55 min)

Cayman Athletic – Kareem Foster (76 min)

Cayman Athletic – David Connolly (81 min, 86 min)


George Town SC (0) vs. Bodden Town FC (1)

Goal Scorer:

Bodden Town – Karl Solomon (47 min)


Rodrick Pearson (file)

Roma United SC (0) vs. Scholars International SC (5)

Goal Scorers:

Scholars International – Rodrick Pearson (18 min, 28 min, 58 min)

Scholars International – James Ebanks (52 min)

Scholars International – Rolly Bodden (73 min)


Already advancing to the quarterfinals from the 8 April fixtures were: Future SC, Academy SC, and Sunset FC. Cayman Brac FC had a first-round bye.

The draw for the quarterfinals takes place Tuesday, 30 May, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. live on Radio Cayman. The games will be played at the Annex and Ed Bush Sports Complex on Sunday, 4 June.


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