Footballers encouraged to take game to ‘Elite’ level

CIFA President Lee Ramoon presents Elite SC captain Wesley Robinson with the 2016 FA Cup

Elite Sports Club, the largest football club in the Cayman Islands, is currently recruiting players for the upcoming season.

Since being established in 2006, Elite SC has grown into one the most successful football programmes in the islands. In the 2015/16 season, Elite SC won the following team titles: U-15 Girls League champions, U-15 Girls FA Cup champions, Women President’s Cup champions, U-21 league champions, Men’s FA Cup Champions.

Ahead of the 2016/17 season, the club has been preparing its teams with some solid technical and tactical training to compete well in all competitions.

Men’s head coach, Gregory Ebanks, said the club is looking to boost its numbers for the youth programme that begins competition in October, especially the Under-15 and Under-17 boys’ teams.

Ebanks said the club is continually striving to take its players to a higher level. “After the season we are planning to take our youth teams away and play games, or participate in an overseas football camp. Elite’s Premier League team is presently considering playing in CFU, and this will entail increasing all areas of training, to facilitate this high level of football,” he said.

Head of the women’s programme, Martha Godet, said with Elite SC, it is more than just joining a team but becoming part of a family. “Our objective is to provide our young people an opportunity to get involved and committed to the beautiful sport of football,” she said.

“In order to succeed, the sport requires tremendous amount of discipline, hard work, education, and determination,” Godet added, noting that Elite SC helps instill those qualities in young people and helps them realise their potential.

“It is truly how much can be achieved through sports, scholarships and job opportunities are among the possibilities, and this is where Elite Sports Club can take you to the next level.”

Ebanks added: “Playing organised football calls for good management skills to operate a good structural club, and the management at Elite focuses with this challenge in doing our best to meet and deliver this tasks.”

He said it’s not an easy task and very few people give back to the sport. “We encourage and challenge players who played the sport to join an organisation to help establish and develop programs for the betterment of these islands.”

Burger King has been the sole sponsor for the team, and the cost to operate a club of this magnitude is very costly, therefore the club invites sponsors to help it reach our full potential goal.

Elite SC, which won the men’s FA Cup, kicks off its 2016-17 season in the Charity Shield against Scholars International on 25 September.

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