Fun on the sand at Corona Beach Volleyball League

This past Sunday, 3 December, teams took to the courts to battle it out in the third week of the Corona Beach Volleyball League.

Last week’s winners of the A Division, Beach Please, were eager to defend their title, so they came out strong and earned three victories. Some Spike it Hot were on fire during the regular pool play, and they emerged undefeated which allowed them to secure the second spot in the semi-finals. The last two semi-finals spot were clinched by Regulation Sized Balls and 4 Play.

Regulation Sized Balls were the fourth team to feel the heat of Some Spike it Hot, as they continued their flawless record beating Regulation Sized Balls 21-12. Despite missing some of their key players, 4 Play put up a good fight against Beach Please, but in the end they fell short 21-17. Defending champs, Beach Please, were the only team that emerged from the competition unscathed by Some Spike it Hot, as they defeated them 21-12.

The B Division had teams fighting for the chance to get promoted to the A Division. Recently relegated teams Rum Hams and My Drinking Team Has a Volleyball Problem fought hard to win all 3 of their matches in regular pool play. Rough Sets Please and Huge Dig Big Tips had a harder time earning their spots in the semis as they both picked a loss along the way.

My Drinking Team has a Volleyball Problem might have had one too many drinks which cost them the game against Huge Dig Big Tips 21-14. Meanwhile, Rum Hams picked up their fourth win of the day when they annihilated Rough Sets Please 21-16.

In the finals Rum Hams and Huge Dig Big Tips faced off for the second time that day. Having lost to them earlier, Huge Dig Big Tips confidence was visibly shaken, leaving them vulnerable to Rum Hams big hits. With 21-9 victory Rum Hams celebrated their return to the A Division with cold Coronas.

Group Sets and Sets Appeal set themselves apart from the remaining four teams in the C Division when they won 3 consecutive games in regular pool play. Cayman Cider nabbed the 3rd spot in the semis with a 2-1 record, and Notorious D.I.G.S just barely managed to secure the last spot with their 1-2 record.

Notorious D.I.G.S put Sets Appeal winning streak to an end when they eliminated them from the competition 21-17. Group Sets suffered a similar fate when they were defeated by Cayman Cider 21-17. Cayman Cider saw the Corona within their reach, so they quickly demolished Notorious D.I.G.S 21-12 and claimed their prize.


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