Gymnast Rutty represents with grace and class

Raegan Rutty at the 2018 Senior PanAm Gymnastics Championships.

Gymnast Raegan Rutty rocked Cayman Islands national records at the 2018 Senior Pan American Gymnastics Championships held in Lima, Peru in September.

Earning a spot at the Pan American Games in Peru next summer, Rutty “continually represents the Cayman Islands with grace and class,” noted a release from Cayman Islands Gymnastics Association president Toni Pinkerton.

With the guidance of her coach Johnnie Schmelzer, the 16-year-old posted five personal best scores and four National titles.

“As a senior competing in the strongest rotation, subdivision three, alongside USA, Brazil, Canada and the crowd favourite Peru, Rutty would have to keep her head in the game and finish with a clean performance,” Pinkerton noted.

Rutty represented the Cayman Islands well in Peru.

To qualify for a place in the Pan American Games next summer, her only chance would be at this meet and Rutty needed to place above of two countries as an individual. She doubled that requirement by placing above four and was right under country five and six.

Of the 74 women competitors at this meet, Rutty marked her place at number 40 in the line-up of international competitors, a place well above expectations.

“I was nervous to rotate with such an amazing and world class team, but the girls on the USA team were so supportive and nice. We would cheer each other on, which helped with the nerves of the competition,” said Rutty.

“I was really happy with my performance because I put in some new skills for this competition and was glad I was able to show them to everyone.”

Rutty sacrifices a lot to represent the Cayman Islands at such a high level of gymnastics. Her hard work and perseverance equates to 38 hours a week of training at Stars Gymnastics in Houston, Texas. Rutty trains and lives with a host family in Houston and takes online classes to keep up with her education.

The next competition where Rutty will again represent the Cayman Islands will be the World Championships from 25 October to 3 November in Qatar.

You can keep up with the promising gymnast’s activities on Instagram: @raeganrutty.


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