Hellcats break Wolves winning streak

As the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association wrapped up Week 7 of the premier league, teams came out to make sure they solidify their place in the playoffs, as the end of the season draws near.

Uncle Clem Wolves took on Miller Lite Hellcats. The last time these teams went up against each other in week 3 the Hellcats took the win 20-7.

Hellcats came out strong and determined to break the Wolves back to back winning streak. Veterans of the team such as QB Kevin Solomon looked to key players Perry Levy and Will Peguero to move the ball down the field. Within the first quarter Solomon had an explosive throw from the 50 yard line to Levy in the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. Wolves defence worked hard to hold the Hellcats with several tackles by Demetri Chambers and Joshua Mcfarlane, including a sack from Timothy Coulson.

QB Jordan Stubblefield had several completions to receivers Alex Pascal and David Taylor, including major runs by Wolves running back Jaryd Bodden, however, the Hellcats were determined to not allow the Wolves to score throughout the game. Stubblefield looked to Ernesto Ebanks in the endzone to possibly get the team’s first touchdown of the game, ultimately denied by Deandre Simpson who managed to turn the ball over with an interception. Peguero and Tito Solomon continued to keep the Hellcats defence in line with numerous tackles between the two.

Rookie, Adam Apolinar, made his mark in the league with a pair of intense sacks on Stubblefield, adding to the teams overall momentum. Joseph Tatum of the Hellcats then secured a field goal at the end of the game, solidifying their win 9-0.

Up next, the Red Stripe Wolverines and the HSM Vipers took the field. The Vipers had five consecutive wins from the beginning of the season, but that streak ended when they went up against the Lynx in Week 5. Wolverines on the other hand, having lost their first two games, managed to win five in a row, and seem determined to continue this streak.

QB Antionette Lewis had 14 completions for the game, with seven of those going to Jahzenia Thomas. First touchdown of the game was made by a throw from Lewis to Nekita Saintvil in the endzone. Defensive players Tajae Grey and Shaielle Murray made key tackles throughout the game, however Vipers managed to answer back as QB Ericia Burke made a 20 yard throw to Kimeria David in the endzone; Burke then rushing in to secure the extra point, pushing the score 7-6 in favour or Vipers, the same score in which Vipers managed to win their first game in the season against Wolverines.

Lewis continued to buckle down on offensive, driving the ball down the field, regardless of Vipers defensive tackles by Tanjana Campbell and sacks by Glenita Logan and Racquel Brown. Determined to score before the game ended, a run by Agueda Blake pushed her team close enough to the endzone where Lewis then found Serena Thomas for the winning touchdown of the game. This was Thomas’ first game of the season. Wolverines won 12-7, official making them the second seed in the Women’s Premier League.

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