Hellcats end Panthers’ winning streak

Hellcats gave Panthers their first taste of defeat. (Courtesy CIFFA)

The Burger King Panthers saw their hot streak to the season cooled a bit at the hands of Kensington Hellcats, while defending women’s champs HSM Vipers continued to show impressive form in week 10 of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association (CIFFA) Premier League.

Here’s a recap of the week’s match-ups:


Red Stripe Wolverines vs The Greenhouse Lynx

The first game on Saturday 26 August was between Red Stripe Wolverines and The Greenhouse Lynx, two of the women’s league’s strongest teams. The first half found both teams keeping each other consistently at bay, with noteworthy defensive plays coming from players in both jerseys. While the Lynx maintained more of the possession, it was the efforts of Tajae Grey, Martina Bodden and Agueda Blake of Wolverines that kept them from taking an early lead. Sustained defensive play resulted in the game being sent into overtime, tied 0-0.

Known for their performance under pressure, Lynx entrusted wide receiver Christsania Parker and running back Camille Solomon help them progress downfield. However, it would be Latoya Cover to cross the goal line for Lynx to put the team in the lead, supplemented by an extra point by Yasmin James. The Lynx would rally together on defense with an impressive display by rookie Kristina Seymour who earned three consecutive sacks on Wolverines quarterback Antoinette Vernon-Hamilton. With little time on the clock, the Wolverines still chipped away until they approached the goal line and used a team effort to protect Vernon-Hamilton as she crossed the goal line for a touchdown. Nekita Saintvil scored the one-point conversion to tie the game 7-7 and send the match into overtime. Neither team scored again, settling the game in a tie.

Wolverines and Lynx tied in OT.


HSM Vipers vs Maples Jaguars

The HSM Vipers took on rookie team Maples Jaguars next. The Vipers directed their offensive attention to midfield where powerhouse Maggie Ebanks earned down after down despite good tackles buy Jaguars Nikki Ebanks and Kara Rankine. She would go on to score a touchdown and one-point conversion for her team.

The Jaguars made good offensive attempts with passes to Kayla Robinson, however veteran rusher Cassandra Ebanks was able to sack Jaguars QB for a loss during the series. Once HSM regained possession of the ball, Alicia Dixon was able to earn a touchdown. The Jaguars still showed strength defensively with deflections by safety Khadija Chisholm. Vipers’ Stephanie Watler took her first chance at playing quarterback during the games and was able to find Maggie Ebanks for another touchdown. Watler also got two interceptions of the Jaguars’ ball while on defense. While they did not score, the Jaguars kept focus throughout the game but it would be the Vipers to walk away with the 26-0 win.



Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks vs Subway Lady Predators
The Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks took on the Subway Lady Predators next. The Lady Sharks took early control of the game with a 30-yard pass to Scimone Chin in the first half. However, the Lady Predators did not become dismayed and were able to prevent further scoring against them despite not getting the ball past the goal line themselves. Angelica McField commanded attention once again as a defensive rusher for her team, alongside teammate Cynthia Powell. The Lady Sharks maintained their lead and the game ended in 6-0 in their favour.


Burger King Panthers vs Kensington Hellcats

The final game of the day was between the Burger King Panthers and the Kensington Hellcats. The two veteran teams had met twice before with the Panthers coming out on top both times. Bearing that in mind, the Hellcats made the most of their time on the field with a number of key interceptions on defense, most notably by Terrick Myles whose interception earned six points.

The Panthers’ offense made multiple efforts to score but surrendered the ball after a turnover on downs. Hellcats QB James Stephens found veteran player Perry Levy twice for two touchdowns before running across the goal line himself. The Hellcats have maintained hunger in their last few games and are proving to be strong contenders for the 2017 championships.

The Panthers garnered a late game drive that resulted in a Touch Down when Brendon Malice found Taj Haye down the field. The game ended 20 – 6 in favour of the Hellcats, marring the Panthers’ once perfect season.


Monday Night Football
The Subway Lady Predators and Maples Jaguars were first up in the final Monday Night series for the 2017 Premier League. The Lady Predators began the game on offense but Nikki Ebanks of the Jaguars interrupted their drive with an interception. Rookie quarterback Yolanni Manzanares took the helm and made short gains by running the ball personally and throwing the ball to receiver Melanie Bush. The ball was turned over before the Jaguars could score and Monique Roberts of the Lady Predators took immediate charge to run up the field. Running back Jordyn Williams also took a turn at advancing her team but was stopped by Jaguars corner Alison Hydes on multiple occasions.

Alexia Williams eyes down sister and opponent Jordyn in Monday’s game.


In the second half, Jordyn Williams of the Lady Predators was able to consistently run up the sidelines to get notable gain, followed by her teammate Monique Roberts who bolted through the Jaguars’ defense to bring the Lady Predators within close reach of the goal line. After multiple stops by Jaguars’ safety and potential Rookie of the Year Khadija Chisholm, Williams was able to run for a touchdown, followed by a one-point conversion by Sandy Seymour. The Maples Jaguars tried their best to settle the score in the favour but the Lady Predators ended the game with a 7-0 victory.

Fabio Gall sprints down field


Their brother team Maples challenged the 2016 champs Island Heritage Predators from the beginning of the game with an interception by rusher Jonathan Allen. Trevor Coleman of the Predators would soon retaliate to spoil Maples’ offensive drive but the Predators did not score in their series and ending up turning over the ball. Once in control, Maples made small gains until quarterback Chris Leblou was able to run for a touchdown followed by a pass to Fabio Gall to bring the underdog team to a lead of 7-0. Again, the Predators sought to advance the ball with notable plays by Kaleb Ebanks and Oliver Parker but were not able to score. Predators sought to punt and Fabio Gall of Maples was able to run the ball from end zone to end zone to put Maples up another six points.

The second half saw the Predators with much tighter offensive play with strong blocks by Gino Brown that enabled veteran running back Oliver Parker to cut through to the goal line. The game continued with strong defensive play by Maples, namely by Jonathan Allen, Thomas McField-Brown and Elroy Allen to protect their lead and ultimately win 13-6.

With playoffs within two weeks, the 2017 Premier League is gearing up for even more intense match-ups as teams fighting for seeding.  Games continue this Saturday (2 September) for the men’s league at the Ed Bush Sports Complex starting at 3:30 p.m.

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