Help needed for swim development initiative

As part of a swim development initiative, the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association (CIASA) is appealing to clubs, members and others for support with swimming gear.

swimming-recycle-poster“If you have any swim items in your house now and going forward which your children or yourselves have outgrown, or out used by yourselves (although these items can still be useful for someone else), please contact and we will arrange for a pickup,” a circular from CIASA’s Club Development Committee stated.

Alternatively, persons can advise is they will be using either the Lions Pool or CIS pool drop off locations. Donations should be placed in a bag labelled “CIASA Club Development”.

The committee said they will take anything that is swim related: goggles, swimsuits, fins, caps, swim trunks, swim equipment, pool noodles, all swim aids, swim bags – in all sizes.

“This way, CIASA will ensure distribution to all learn to swim programs, including offering them to the current registered Swim Schools on Grand Cayman and on the Sister Islands,” the committee stated.

“We look forward to working together to one step further on the waterproofing everyone in the Cayman Islands and making that one step easier for everyone,” it added.


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