Intense play as corporate squash heads into final week

Week five of the Bakertilly Corporate League did not disappoint at South Sound Squash Club, as this was the last week of play before the playoffs/finals.

While Bakertilly has maintained the lead since week two, the other spot in the final was to be decided as both KMPG and Phoenix went into the 5th week with the same number of points. This meant players had to push for every point if either team wanted to move into the finals.

The night ended on a few firsts since the inception of the League. Genesis Trust and Bakertilly tied with 126 points each. There was also one match with no clear winner with both opponents obtaining the same amount of points and there was a winner in games that ended up losing the match! But how does that happen? The brilliance and excitement of every point counts and the 3 min tiebreaker game!

The B division match between Neil McComb of Phoenix and Alex McCallum of PWC had both players win a game each (15/17) (15/12) respectively. Rules of the league is that if the games are tied 1-1, the 3rd game is played on a running clock for 3 minutes. Players try to get as many points within that 3 minutes as possible.

The score at the end of this 3-minute game was (6/7) to Alex of PWC, given each player a total of 36 points each. Think a battle of rock paper scissors was preferred as a decider.

Last but not least, is the match of the night between the A division players from Genesis Trust and Bakertilly, Samantha Hennings and Brad Kuttner. Brad thrown off by the crowds’ preference for his better-looking opponent lost the 1st game (15/6), however managed to get his big boy shorts on and rallied back to win the 2nd (11/15). This meant the match would go into the 3-minute tie break. Brad continued his lead to win the 3rd (4/7), which in theory would mean he won the match. But…In totalling the points each player earned, it appeared that Sam got the better of Brad this time round snatching the win (30/28).

Well done to Phoenix for their big push in gaining 7 more points than KPMG to secure their place in the finals.

Matches continue this Thursday (3 September) and it is shaped up to be an exciting finale.

Finals: Phoenix vs Bakertilly

3rd – 4th Playoff: PWC vs KPMG

5th – 6th Playoff: Genesis Trust vs CUC

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