Jerome Ameline wins 25-mile road race

Jerome Ameline sprints to the finish.

Veteran Jerome Ameline won the Cayman Islands Cycling Association 25-Mile Road Race Sunday morning after benefiting from his main challenger’s misfortune as they closed in on the finish line.

Ameline was able to hold on despite a challenge from Smith.

Ameline was able to hold on despite a challenge from Smith.

Ameline and 16 others set out from near Bodden Town Police Station around 7:00 a.m. heading eastward before turning onto Franks Sound Road then along the Queen’s Highway and through East End before returning to the historic capital.

“Two guys, Steve Evans and Michael Testori, they broke away and they rode almost half the race in front of us but steadily, we caught them. Usually, when you catch the first two then the race kind of stops. Everybody slowed down but eventually, we speeded up at the end,” Ameline explained.

As they neared the finish, Edward Harper led the sprint, which shaped up to be a tight finish between Ameline and Michele Smith, the overall points leader for the season.

“I really didn’t think I was going to get it,” Ameline admitted to He said Smith was closing in for the win before being denied the chance. “I was sure he was going to pass me because he’s good at sprinting but he got blocked by two other guys.”


A group of cyclists as they made their way through East End.

Smith also recalled the finish: “It came to a few feet. I got boxed in [approximately] 100 metres from the line by two riders that were giving up, so I had to brake a little bit and then accelerate again. If I didn’t have to do that, I’d have a good chance of getting first place.”

Ameline ended in 1:11:22.458. Smith was second across the line in 1:11:23.033, followed by Chester Hurlston (1:11:23.623), Gibson Edwards (1:11:24.976) and Edward Harper (1:11:25.181) – other top five finishers.


Michael Testori, James Smith, Kevin Connolly, John Paul Ramos, Steve Evans and Noland Steward all finished within six seconds of the leader.


Harper (L) and Testori (R) were 5th & 6th overall.

Josh Weaver won the Juvenile age group, as the only rider in the 14-16 category. He finished in 1:34:25.371.

In the Open A category featuring top cyclists, Ameline was first, Michele Smith second and Testori third.

James Smith was the first finisher in the Open B group. Chester Hurlston topped the Open C class, while Steve Evans was top in the Super Masters group. Edward Harper was the lone Masters cyclist on the road.

The 2016 Cayman Islands Cycling Association season wraps up on Sunday, 23 October with a circuit race starting and finishing at Governors Square. The race begins at 7:00 a.m.

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