Jervis ends CASA Jr career on a high

National squash star Julian Jervis ended his career at the MAPLES Caribbean Junior Squash Championships on a high when he won the Boy’s U-19 division.

Jervis faced Jason Doyle of the OECS in the final at a packed South Sound Squash Club on 18 July. With the home crowd vocally behind the local player, Jervis did not disappoint, winning in three straight sets 11-7, 11-5, 11-6.

Raising his arms in triumph, Jervis celebrated with an elated crowd that included many family members, including his mother, Mitzi, with whom he shared a passionate embrace immediately after leaving the court.

“It’s beyond words because my first ever CASA (Junior Championships) was here in Cayman. In the finals, I played Jason Doyle [and] he beat me in five. So, hearing that it would be here and expecting to play Jason in the final and then actually coming and doing it, accomplishing what I didn’t accomplish all those years ago, I’m on such a high right now,” he told reporters after the match.

Julian Jervis with coach Mark Chaloner.

Julian Jervis with coach Mark Chaloner.

“I’ve played Jason quite a few times in the past…I’ve played against him every single year, so I know his game. I tried to come out ‘guns blazing’ with a lot of momentum and hoping that I could take it from there,” said Jervis about his strategy for the match, which he executed as planned.

Jervis captured his third title, having won the U15 and U17 crowns in prior years. However, he credits the work he put in as a member men’s team at St Lawrence University in upstate New York.

“I’m seeing the benefits so much now. At school, all we did was running for the first two or three months. That was something I never used to do before…but now, I’ve seen the way the pros train and I’ve trained alongside them, they’re my peers, I see them every day. So, I think that helped me,” he said.

Jervis celebrated with his mother, Mitzi, as he left the court.

Jervis celebrated with his mother, Mitzi, as he left the court.

“I also strengthened my legs a lot more while I was at school. So, I think I was able to get quicker [and] be able to get into the right position for every shot and I think that has really helped me in this tournament.”

While he prepares to return to his collegiate career, his time as a junior on the Caribbean circuit is in his rear view mirror with no apparent plans to put his foot on the brakes. “What’s next for me? The senior tour, of course!”

He said his experience with the St Lawrence Saints will also help in that regard.

“At college, a lot of the guys are older. So, I do have quite a bit of experience playing with older guys. I felt like I was a big fish in a little pond but now I’m moving into that bigger pond. It’s going to take me a little while to grow into it,” Jervis said.

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