Jr NBA a possibility for Cayman

In addition to numerous programs in the USA, the Jr NBA has extended its reach across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Plans are in the works to establish a Jr NBA programme here. That was revealed by Cayman Islands Basketball (CIBA) President Richard Parchment at a press conference last week.

Parchment said should that happen, it would signal a significant step in developing local talent. “If we can pull that off, we can see some amazing changes,” he told reporters.

He added that it would mean there would be a Jr NBA representative based in the Cayman Islands working with local youth in the school system “adding to what we already have from a government perspective because they want to have this place established as one of their places to have the Jr NBA Program going forward.”

The Jr NBA is the official youth basketball participation program of the NBA. It includes a free, membership-based program for existing youth basketball leagues and organisations.

According to information on the Jr NBA website, the membership is to help encourage and support youth basketball participation at the grassroots level and improve the overall youth basketball experience for all participants.

The Jr NBA aims to develop a lifelong passion for the game of basketball in boys and girls ages 6-14 by teaching them the fundamentals of the sport while instilling core values including teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.

“We have things that are happening,” Parchment said. “We are working to make sure all the available avenues that our students and kids can have toward progressing up the ladder, we can give them that opportunity.”

It was not immediately clear how soon such a programme would be implemented in the Cayman Islands. Parchment later told CaymanSportsBuzz.com that there was no timeframe set, as discussions were at an early and developmental stage.

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