Juniors open serve on 2017 PwC season

The 2017 season of the PwC Junior Tennis Circuit got off to a smashing start at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club in South Sound last weekend with two of the three finals being pushed to three sets.

A total of 22 players entered the tournament, including some new juniors to the Under-10 division.

“A lot of the tennis juniors that play in these tournaments go around the world and region to participate at a high level in other tournaments throughout the year so it is always entertainment when they play in our local tournaments in Cayman. It was also great to see some new juniors participate in their first tournaments as well these tournaments are a benchmark to their junior tennis career,” stated a release from the club.

In the under 10’s division the final was played against Jake Fagan and Phin Ellison.  The final match went back and forth in a competitive final with Jake Fagan becoming the eventual winner in a tough three setter 6-3, 6-7, 10-7.

Rafael Wejbora defeated Digby Robinson for the third-place position while a newcomer to the PwC Circuit, Charlie Jones, defeated another newcomer, Jamie Price, for the consolation final in another tough three-set match.

The 14 and under division might have been a bit of a surprise when looking at the seeds of the division but always with competitions there are always upsets and no one knows who will win until the final point of the match.

Jakub Neveril, an unseeded player in the 14s, defeated number one seed Willow Wilkinson in a difficult semi-final match in three sets and continued his success with a win in the finals against Alex Priestly 6-3, 6-3.  Willow went on to win the 3rd place over Gavin Sunely, while Sebastian Bjuro defeated Barnaby Robinson in the consolation final.

The 18 and under division witnessed the best under 18 female player take on some tough competition, with Jade Wilkinson playing Jack Lomax in the finals on Saturday, 7 January.

It was the top seed Jade playing against a familiar foe in Jack, the second seed.  This match also went back in forth in a great three set match in the heat of the day.  This time, Jade was the eventual winner and captured the first title of the year with a 6-3, 2-6, 6-2 victory.  Lauren Fullerton, another promising Cayman junior, defeated Nealdeep Ghosh for the 3rd place position, Jake Serpell ended up with the consolation trophy.

“The Tennis Federation would like to thank PwC for their continued support sponsoring these tournaments as it really is a wonderful experience for the juniors to participate with a high level of sportsmanship and effort during the weekend tournament,” the release stated.

Tournament Director Rob Seward said he was also pleased to see the kids back on the court in the New Year and seeing the success that some of the younger juniors had playing in their new respective age divisions as a lot of the juniors had to move up an age division from last year.

The second leg to of the PwC Junior Circuit will be played in the middle of February at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

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