Killa B’zzz building with camaraderie

Photos courtesy: Jordan Rankine

As the Flow 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League is winding down, the association would like to bring some attention to the various teams playing in the league.

This week the highlighted team is IMS Killa B’zzz who is coached by Darrell Porter and Franz “Frankie” Brathwaite. With only winning one game in the season thus far and currently at the bottom of the score board IMS Killa B’zzz could be considered the “under dogs”.

Team founder and Captain Katherine “Kathy” Miller stated that the team was originally called “Subway Stingers” in 2012 when she decided to form her own team after leaving a championship team. “It was either stay with the team and keep winning or take on a challenge and try to develop players and expand the league by introducing a new team” Miller said.

facebook_1472661398307Miller stated the team has had a few struggles in forming a solid team and it took a few years to find a committed offensive coach and quarterback which is two key components needed to play football.

Head coach Darrell Porter advised that the team needs to find that fire inside that gives the competitive edge.

He said “there are games the players have it and some games they do not, it is about finding the hunger for every game that ladies need to reach deep and find”. Both Miller and Porter agreed that the team has talent and because of that the team does not have any one stand out player. Miller stated the she believes all players standout individually “I do not think there is one player that is the ‘star’ on the team and that is because we do not practice or even think that way”.

This year, like every other year, Killa B’zzz has some new players on the team Miller said “the team’s mantra is about developing players and therefore the rookies do not warm the bench and/or play for only one series.” She continued “it is an amazing feeling when you see a girl who could not catch a ball two seasons ago to now being hungry to catch and turning up the field making plays”.  Miller stated that it has been a pleasure having the new addition to the team. Porter stated “the best part with the ‘newbies’ is that they do not take anything for granted and they respect that it is a team sport and it is not all about “me” which players tend to forget”.

IMG-20160830-WA0015IMS Killa B’zzz has been plagued by injuries this year but because of commitment, enthusiasm and effort from both new players and veterans they have continued to play with heart and dedication. “Majority of the newer players have brought forth more effort than we have seen in the past from some players,” Porter indicated. Miller said that the team prides its self on defense because the defensive players “do amazing and make some of the best plays in each game”.

When asked she enjoys most about the team, Miller said she enjoys the camaraderie the most about the team and that they have great team spirit which goes along way.  She also said that she loves to see growth and improvements in her teammates and the confidence they gain in themselves that allows them to excel in the sport.

Miller said “Everyone wants to be on a winning team, but it is the journey to winning that is more rewarding”. Porter said “For me it is the love, respect and effort my players give me. We are far from a perfect team when it comes to statistics but we are a perfect TEAM.”

He continued “it is rewarding in its own way to take players that barely know anything about the game and make them stand outs in the league. I have had the privilege to coach a few teams over the years and a lot of outstanding ladies along the way, but Killa B’zzz is and has been one of my favorites along the journey.”

Miller stated that she is very grateful for the coaches, all the Killa B’zzz teammates, their families and especially for their sponsor for supporting them this year.

(Submitted by CIFFA)

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