Little League in full swing

Thomas Wood of Saxon awaits his pitch. (photos and article submitted)

Cayman Islands Little League’s season is rolling high at the Little League field in South Sound.

Due to the number of divisions, games are spread across different days of the week. Easily tagged the cutest division of them all, T-Ball plays their games on Friday nights at 5:30 p.m.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from coaching is that every kid is different. They have their own personalities and attributes. However, they all share the same love for the game. A lot of my kids are new to the league and it’s been amazing watching how quickly they are learning,” said Ashley Frederick, who is one of the coaches of the Scotiabank team.

Byron Ebanks of Scotiabank heads to 1st base.

“Game day is something they all look forward to, and it isn’t uncommon that they’re sad when it’s finished. The other coaches and I strive to ensure that in addition to learning, they are having fun too. It’s also not hard to admit that a lot of the time, we’re having just as much fun as them.” Frederick added.

A division up from T-Ball, you’ll find the kids in the Pony Division playing on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Across a total of 6 teams it’s easy to see an array of smiles on any given Saturday and cheers and chants ring through the stands at each field.

Jackson Pawlik of HomeGas hits a homer in for him team.

Other divisions this year are Single A, Double A and Girls’ Softball. Whether you have a child or family member playing, or you’re just looking for a good environment to pop out to, some time at the field definitely won’t disappoint.

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