Looking back at 2016 with thanks

Dear Cayman Sports Buzz reader:

As we look back at 2016, we are thankful for your support.

We launched CaymanSportsBuzz.com in August without much fanfare or prior publicity. As then, we remain committed to covering Cayman Islands sports exclusively.

Lara Butler’s achievement in Rio was our first story to go ‘live’.

We were initially working on a more formal launch when, during the Olympics we realised that Lara Butler swam a national record in the women’s 100m backstroke. We instantly posted the update on our website (although it was not publicly available). It was expected people would see the story when we made the site ‘live’ at a later date.

However, we noted that no other local media house had run the story online up to 30 minutes after the race. It was then we decided that we would fast-track our launch, sharing the story and others on Facebook. The immediate feedback was overwhelming.

Cayman Sports Buzz editor, Ben Meade, during a visit of Ohio Wesleyan University women’s soccer team in August.

Over the next four months, we put in considerable effort to make CaymanSportsBuzz.com a source of pride for us. CaymanSportsBuzz.com means more to us than simply a source for information about Cayman Islands sports.

For our editor, Ben Meade, it is a labour of love. He can often be seen spending any “free” time he has putting in the hours to ensure we get the true essence of what is happening beyond the score line.

While it is a work in progress, we believe Mark Twain hit the nail on the head when he said “progressive improvement beats delayed perfection”. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to work on developing the site with high quality coverage of local sports, adding new features as we go along.

In the meantime, here’s a look back at the 10 most read stories of 2016:

Manny Pacquiao to host Island Rumble in the Cayman Islands

Aaron Jarvis wins overseas tournament

Martin making his mark with Harbour View FC

Local duo to train with Manchester City

‘Prolific’ Phillips is Footballer of the Week

Morrison continues quest for greatness

Jonah Ebanks rises to the top as Footballer of the Week

Brac’s Martin leads Warner University to win

Tatum leads Athletic up the table

Lara Butler sets national record at Olympics



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