Lynx end Vipers winning streak

The Greenhouse Lynx had a statement win in Week 5.

Week 5 of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League saw Greenhouse Lynx putting an end to the Vipers hot start to the season, in a slate of games that featured shutouts in all but one game on the schedule.

In the first game of the day, the Red Stripe Wolverines took on the Maples Jaguars. This was the first time this season that they came up against each other. Jaguars took the field first on offense but couldn’t manage to move the ball up resulting in a turn over close enough to Wolverines goal line for running back Agueda Blake to run in the ball for an early touchdown.

Sarafina McField and Alyssa Phipps made key tackles for the Jaguars but despite these efforts, Wolverines QB Antoinette Lewis found Nekita Saintvil for an impressive second touchdown for the half, Saintvil surpassing 3 of the Jaguars defenders.

In the second half, Jaguars came in more engaged and aggressive, preventing the Wolverines to score any further in the game. On offense, Jaguars QB Tracey Seymour managed to gain more yards with throws to Chantel Simm and runs down field by Jordyn Williams, pushing them close enough to the goal line but unfortunately not being able to score, ending the game 12-0 for the Wolverines. These teams face of again Monday, 12 August, which is poised to be a must-see event.

Next up, Uncle Clem’s Wolves faced off against Maples. The Wolves have been coming into their games with a lot of composure and assurance that they are here to win. Wolves QB, Jordan Stubblefield, kept control of his offense, with rotational passes across the field, often favouring players such as Demetri Chambers and David Taylor, both with 5 catches each within the game. Alex Pascal secured the first touchdown for his team, proving to be a major key to his team’s accomplishments this season. Additional scoring would come by way of three touchdowns secured by Ryan Ebanks, Peter Whittaker and Leeroy Bodden, who has also shown significant improvement this season.

Uncle Clem’s Wolves

Despite Maples forceful defence, with key tackles by Brian Bodden, Nigel Solomon and Jamal Bodden, as well as an interception by Larue Nixon; Maples offense struggled to move down the field, as QB James Stephen found it difficult to make completions with his players, and Wolves defensive players were not letting up, with 3 sacks from Demetri Chambers, Tareek Gardner and Joshua Mcfarlane. The Wolves celebrated the 27-0 blowout victory.

Third game of the day really shook the stands up with the top two women’s teams going head to head for the first time this season, HSM Vipers and the Greenhouse Lynx.

The Vipers made notable gains on offense with run attempts by veteran running back Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice and with QB rushes by Erica Burke, but these were all stopped by Lynx defensive players such as Kristina Seymour and Latoya Cover, including an interception by Marleena Smith.

Lynx QB Keisha Solomon looked to Smith as her key receiver and runs by Shenel Gall, both known to be swift competitors. With just seconds left on the clock, viewers thought this game would go into overtime. But with a catch by Gall, she then ran it in for the first and only touchdown of the game, narrowly escaping Vipers defence, thus ending the Vipers winning streak, 6-0.

The final game of the day had everyone on the edge of the seats when Burger King Panthers went up against Miller Lite Hellcats. Both teams seemed to have come in with altered game plans, Panthers bringing in QB Glenn Duran and Hellcats bringing in QB Kevin Solomon for the first time this season.

However, neither of these QB’s had an easy task, as each defensive team had 4 sacks throughout the game. Solomon looked to players such as Terry Ballard and Abdul Patterson, but it was runs from Phil Brown that gave Hellcats the extra push they needed on offense. Hellcats managed to make it close enough to the goal line to make a field goal conversion, putting the first score on the board 3-0.

Duran answered, having numerous completions, managing to find Paul Chin in the end zone for the team’s first touchdown of the game, pushing Panthers up 7-3 with Richard Campbell kicking the extra point.

This didn’t stop Hellcats, as Solomon found Tikko Moore for a touchdown shortly after, pushing Hellcats back on top 9-7. As the game neared the end, Panthers showed us why every minute counts as Duran threw into the end zone yet again, this time finding Chris Bennett for the winning touchdown. Hellcats tried to come back with a throw into the end zone in the last seconds of the game, which was denied by an interception by Jahmi Dunbar of the Panthers. The closest game of the day ended 14-9 for Panthers.

To wrap up week 5, the ladies hit the field at the Annex Monday night where the Maples Jaguars took on the Greenhouse Lynx. The sides met in week three when the Lynx mauled the Jaguars 27-0.

Lynx took to offense first with QB Erica Bosch taking control of her team to quickly move them up the field, with the help of her O-line giving her enough time to find Christsania Parker in the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. Maples seemed to struggle to become engaged in the first half of the game later on giving up another touchdown to Parker, ending the half 12-0.

In the second half Maples came in with a completely different attitude and refused to allow Lynx to gain any more points, where we saw major blocks from Krista Samuels and Khadija Chisholm, as well as a key tackle by Alexia Williams preventing Bosch from running into the end zone. Unfortunately for Maples they were unable to move the ball much due to Lynx vigorous D-Line. Although an improvement for Maples, Lynx still managed to secure their second win for the week, 12-0.

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