Madison’s big moment


The tough thing about being a goalkeeper is that often your contributions to the team can get overlooked until you’re needed the most. Sometimes the role is magnified only when things go wrong but often on the biggest stages is where the stars between the pipes shine their brightest.

That was the case for Madison Kelly for St Ignatius Prep in the finals of the 2016-17 Girls Primary Football League Champions Cup on 28 January.

After ending regulation against Sir John A. Cumber Primary School scoreless, an additional 10 minutes were needed. The extra time still could not separate the two sides, so it came down to a penalty kick shootout.

While she relied on her teammates to put the ball into the back of the net, Madison knew they were also relying on her to deny the opposition. Madison did just that as she stopped Sir John A. Cumber’s three attempts to seal the deal and see her team lift the Champions Cup.

Scenes of emotion erupted in the St Ignatius camp. Madison recalls the reaction from her teammates. “They were really happy. One or two of my teammates were crying but of joy, not sadness,” she said.

“I felt sorry for the other team because they lost in such a sad way by penalties because that’s a hard way to lose,” the 11-year-old told about the experience. However, she added “I felt that we deserved this win. We didn’t cheat or anything bad to win but we did it fair and square.”

Madison Kelly enters the draw for a special prize from Futbolista World.

For her outstanding performance, Madison was presented with the Marie Martin Most Valuable Player Award. In addition, she’s been named the Cayman Sports Buzz Footballer of the Week presented by Futbolista World.

At a brief ceremony, the young footballer was presented with a certificate, a Futbolista World sports shirt, and a gift certificate to be used toward new gear at Futbolista World. She has also been entered into a draw to win an additional prize from Futbolista World at the end of the season.

Each week, Cayman Sports Buzz will select a player for the Footballer of the Week honour based on their performance in any of the following leagues: Cayman Premier League, CIFA Women’s Premier League, CIFA First Division, CIFA youth leagues and the CUC Primary Football League/Girls Primary Football League.

At the end of the season, Cayman Sports Buzz will be presenting a more substantial award to the Footballer of the Year.

About Artiem Solutions and Cayman Sports Buzz:

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 About Futbolista World:

Located on the island of Grand Cayman, Futbolista World ( specializes in selling authentic high quality football merchandise and providing excellent customer service. Our store provides players, coaches and fans with the latest authentic football gear from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and more. Our aim is to inform and inspire others by promoting our passion for football and offer quality merchandise at affordable prices.

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