No resignation from boxing coach

National boxing coach Ryan Barrett says he remains committed to helping Cayman’s boxers achieve their full potential, but adds that could change if something is not done to address his concerns.

Barrett, a former WBU world welterweight champion, told that he has not tendered his resignation but would do so if problems being experienced with the Cayman Islands Boxing Association are not dealt with.

“The program needs sorting and if I’m not backed, then I’ll be gone,” Barrett said. “The problems are ongoing. I’ve tried to address them all the time I’ve been there. I choose not to say anymore.”

A senior member of the association confirmed there has been no discussion about the coach quitting and declined to divulge any details of any internal issues. “Ryan’s our coach. He’ll be at the Commonwealth Youth Games [later this month] and that’s the situation right now.” No further comment was offered.

A local television report indicated Monday (10 July) that Barrett’s departure was imminent.

Barrett is currently in training camp with Chambria Dalhouse in London and will lead the teenage female fighter and another teenager, Alexander Smith, to the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas from 19-23 July.

Barrett replaced Norman Wilson in April 2016 as the national lead coach. Since his arrival, the former English professional pugilist has brought noticeable buzz to the program, especially with the return of star light heavyweight Dariel Ebanks, whom he led to a gold medal at the Caribbean Boxing Development Tournament in Barbados last December.

He’s also been credited with working with up-and-coming fighters like Smith and developing their skill and confidence in the ring.

The past year has seen some high points for the Cayman Islands Boxing Association, including Bruce Coulson winning a welterweight title at the Sugar Bert National Championships in Florida, Dariel Ebanks and Hopkin Ebanks winning gold and silver at the Barbados tournament, and solid results for local amateurs on fight cards against opponents from Canada, England, Jamaica, Bahamas and Panama.

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