Panthers ready to pounce again

Panthers won the title in 2015.

As the Flow 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League is winding down the association would like to bring some attention to the various teams playing in the league. This week the highlighted team is Burger King Panthers who is coached by Brendon Malice.

Burger King Panthers was established in 2009.  Brendon Malice, who is the coach and also a player on the team, was one of the four players who started the group, which grew over the years.

Panthers team became one of the fan favorites as you could hear fans saying the team chant along with the team and loud cheers when a player would make a good play. Malice stated that over the past three seasons Panthers has seen 14 players from the championship teams leave the game for various reasons.  “It is hard to replace talent but we have managed to stay competitive,” he said.

Panthers huddleSome of the veteran players who have left the team include Chris Lucas, Rod Taylor, John Carter, Steve Ebanks, Matt Bone, Chris Allen Sam Anderson and Ryan Smith.  Malice said in order to maintain that competitiveness the team merged with Lone Star Mustangs which had talented and passionate athletes.

Malice acts as the coach of the team but he said the capability of the men on the team and their love for the game allows coaching and playing manageable.  The team struggles to get players to practice or to games because of other personal engagements like work. However, that has not dampened the team spirits.

Burger King Panthers has been in the Championship three times and they have won the title twice.  The team is currently the reigning champions and they do not plan on giving up the title.

“I have a group of players that can pull it together and make a championship push,” Malice said. He added that he likes the team dynamics and building friendships throughout the sport.

Malice thanks “the best sponsor in the league”, Gary ‘Peanut’ Rutty, and his teammates for playing with passion and dedication this season.

(Submitted by CIFFA)

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