Pascal upbeat about Gold Coast experience

The Cayman Islands national record holder in the men’s javelin, Alex Pascal, finished down the field and missed out on a spot in the final at the XXI Commonwealth Games in Australia, but he is confident the experience and exposure will make him a better competitor going forward.

“It was amazing for me. The distance wasn’t as far as I wanted to go but technique-wise, it went better than it’s ever been before,” said Pascal, who was 18th overall out of a field of 24 athletes.

His top throw was 66.66 metres, with others of 65.06 metres and 62.85 metres. These were far off the Cayman Islands record of 75.38 metres he set last year while competing for the University of Missouri in the NCAA National Championships.

The 23-year-old explained that he made some changes to his technique since he arrived in Gold Coast for the Games. “[This] made the javelin angle go a lot more upwards instead of outwards. Throwing 66 metres like that, if I threw it properly, it would have been 70-77 metres no problem. So, I’m happy with the performance,” he said.

Pascal, who has been searching for a long-term coaching solution since graduating from university last year, said he has connected with a coach at the Games who has helped him put a plan in action, including a new training regime.

Pascal said he looks forward to getting better ahead of the CAC Games and NACAC Track and Field Championships this summer.

“I’m going to get a lot stronger in the gym. Also, I’m going to be training everyday with this new programme…just with me training with someone up here just for three or four days, it’s changed my technique a lot but I’ve seen huge improvements.”

He added that he expects to eclipse his national record by the next time he represents the Cayman Islands overseas, as the changes will take a little time to pay dividends. “I can see myself throwing 80 metres by CAC and NACAC no problem.”

After his first time competing at this level, Pascal is eager for more and takes home the experience of going up against some of the best in the sport. “It was really good seeing the different guys that I have grown up watching. It was an amazing experience to see that just the technique alone makes such a huge difference…the technique is what makes the javelin fly a lot further.”

So, now, he said he’s going to ensure his technique is as solid as it needs to be and looks forward to being back at the next Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022. “Everything happens for a reason and I think it was a really good experience for me and I can’t wait for the next Commonwealth Games,” Pascal said.

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