Repeat winners in 2nd PwC tournament

Willow Wilkinson won the 14 & Under division.

There were repeat winners as Phin Ellison, Willow Wilkinson and Jake Booker each took home the hardware for the second straight tournament in round two of the 2018 PwC Junior Tennis Circuit at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club last weekend.

Ellison went undefeated round robin play in the 10 & Under Division on Friday, 23 February. His toughest of four matches came against Albert Berksoy (6-3, 7-6). Berksoy won his other three matches to take the runner-up position for the second time this year. Milana Thompson finished third.

Phin Ellison (Photo by Martin Wilkinson)

Willow Wikinson beat Barnaby Robinson, Ben Priaulx, and Digby Robinson on the way to the 14 & Under final against Alex Priestley. Wilkinson won the first set 6-3 before coming from behind in the second to take it 7-5.

“Alex is always a tough opponent for me but I just pulled through today,” she told

“My serve was a bit off but as I progressed into the tournament, it started to get better,” the 13-year-old said of her play through the weekend, adding that she was happy with the way her overall game has been progressing.

Rafael Wejbora placed third and Xavier Marshal was the consolation winner.

Jake Booker

The 18 & Under final saw a rematch of the first tournament of the year and the last of 2017 with Jake Booker facing Lauren Fullerton. Under the blazing sun, Booker prevailed 6-1, 6-2.

“It was Lots of hard work. There were lots of tough opponents, so it was good to get the win,” Booker said, adding about Fullerton: “She played really well.”

Booker said he’s looking forward to playing as many tournaments as possible and getting as much practice in to continue developing his game.

Jakub Neveril was the third-place finisher.

Ben Prialux and Phin Ellison won the U14 doubles, while Jake Booker and Oskar Bjuro were the U18 doubles winners.

The next tournament of the 2018 PwC Junior Tennis Circuit will be at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club from 13-15 April.


Exciting start to PwC Junior Tennis Circuit

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