Sand Monsters on top again

Sand Monsters emerged as the top team during week four of the Corona Sunday Beach Volleyball Summer Series for a second straight week on 11 June, on a day of competitive action at Public Beach.

Here’s a recap from the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation.

Division A

The fact that the teams in the A division were evenly matched made it that much harder for them to separate themselves from the pack. Every team had at least one win and one loss, except for Sand Monsters who managed to emerge from regular pool play undefeated. They kept their winning streak alive when they eliminated Team Chaos in the semis 21-12. Meanwhile on Court 2, Sandy’s Angels and Can Ya Dig It battled it out for a spot in the finals. In the end Sandy’s Angels fell short, losing 21-17, and Can Ya Dig It moved on to take on the undefeated Sand Monsters. Can ya dig it couldn’t dig the countless spikes that came their way, which ultimately led to their demise 21-14.

Division B

The B division had a lot of close games, many of which ended in a two point difference. Veronica’s Fine Ace, Rip Tide, I have small balls, and Gold Diggers all secured a spot in the semis. Many of the teams ran out of steam in the semis as the point differential increased from 2 to 7.  I have small balls made up for their lack of balls in energy as they pummeled Veronica’s Fine Ace 21-11. Meanwhile Rip Tide crushed the Gold Diggers spirits when they eliminated them with a 21-13 victory. Rip Tide tried to coast through the finals riding the wave of their last victory, but I have small balls wasn’t having any of that, as they annihilated the competition 21-3.

I Have Small Balls

Division C

Many teams in the C division opted for Brunch over the Beach, as only four teams showed up to play. Despite the fact that all four teams would automatically be advancing to the semis, That’s what she set took this opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest earning a 3-0 record. In the semis they played I’d Still Hit That, and secured their spot in the finals with an easy win 21-7. Meanwhile Is it in and Block Party were fighting for each and every point. Block Party blocked their opponents from advancing with their narrow victory 22-20. Unfortunately Block Party’s tactic didn’t work as well in the final and they were demolished by That’s what she set 21-6.


That’s What She Set 

Elite Doubles

Stef Gandolfi and Heather Thompson beat Cristin Alexander and Taylor Burrowes 21-14 in the women’s doubles. Meanwhile veterans Olney Thompson and Philipe Deslandes took on Richard Campbell and his rookie partner Shaun Schaller in the men’s finals. It was a long game, but in the end the veterans out muscled the defending champions 23-21.


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