‘Showdown Saturday’ looms in road race series

The Fidelity Fun Run Series is poised for a hot finish on Saturday, 24 September, as several athletes remain in contention for the top spots.

Saunders has been consistent.

Saunders has been consistent.

In the male competition, Jason Saunders, who has been consistent with two second place finishes, holds a two-point advantage over Will Edwards, who won the second race. Saunders has 18 points, while Edwards has 16. Victor Megalhaes and Michael Smikle still have a shot. They are tied on 15 points and can move up with a good effort in the finale of the three-race series. Dominic Dyer, who dominated the field to win the first race of two-mile affair in under 10 minutes, was absent for race two and appears out of contention.

Meantime, Tiffany Cole has dominated the female competition, winning the first two races and looks poised to win another title. However, 345 Athletics Club teammate, Molly Kehoe, is only two points back, having finished second in both races. Cole has 20 points and Kehoe 18. Fellow 345 AC runners, Kiara McLaughlin and Jayne Thompson, are third and fourth with 16 and 14 points respectively.


Cole won the first two races.

In the age categories, it’s dead even between Juan Pablo Valerio and Levi Somerville in the 12-14 boys. They’re tied on 19 points. Meantime, it’s a three-way tie in the 15-19 age group with Edwards, Megalhaes and Smikle tied with 17 points. Jason Deamer and Paul Vitale are also tied at the top of the 20-29 group with 19 points.

On the female side, Anita Warhurst and Dee-ann Foster are tied in the 20-29 age division with 19 points. There are clear-cut leaders in all other categories (listed below).

The final race of the Fidelity Fun Run series takes place Saturday at 7:30 a.m. starting on Walkers Road outside the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre and continuing with a right turn onto South Church Street before finishing on Denham Thompson Way. An awards ceremony will follow the race.


Category Leaders/Points after Week 2

Male Overall
Jason Saunders 18. Will Edwards 16
Victor Megalhaes 15. Michael Smikle 15

Female Overall
Tiffany Cole 20.  Molly Kehoe 18
Kiara McLaughlin 16. Jayme Thompson 14

U12 Kassady Forester 18
12-14 Juan Pablo Valerio/Levi Somerville 19
15-19.Will Edwards/Victor Megalhaes/William Smikle. 17
20-29. Jason Deamer/Paul Vitale 19
30-39. Jason Saunders 20
40-49. Conrad Proud 20
50-59. Paul Williams 20
60+    Chris Sutton.  20

U12. Rianna Rankin 18
12-14 Molly Kehoe.  20
15-19 Tiffany Cole.  20
20-29. Anita Warhurst/Dee-ann Foster. 19
30-39 Jayme. Thompson 20
40-49 Lisa Kehoe. 20
50-59 Janet Gardiner 20
60+   —

Ian Roberton. 20

Bill Edwards.  20


Click below for report and pictures from the first two weeks of the series.

Race 1 Report

Race 2 Report

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