Corona summer series serves off

Just Da Tip - Advanced Division week 1 winners.

There was sizzling action on the sands of Public Beach, as the Corona Sunday Beach Volleyball Summer Series served off on 21 April.

The advanced league was primarily comprised of teams that have been competing in the beach leagues for ages, but they also had a few newly formed teams thrown into the mix. It was no surprise when three out of the four playoff spots were taken by the Veteran teams: Just Da Tip, Sand Monsters, and Blazing Balls.

As a bunch of newcomers, Team Chaos did well to earn a spot in the advanced playoffs. Unfortunately, the pressure must have been too much, as they were eliminated by Sand Monsters 21-14. Meanwhile Blazing Balls must have been suffering from the blazing heat because they were destroyed by Just Da Tip 21-12.

The two longest standing teams faced off in the finals to claim the Corona. Just Da Tip and Sand Monsters demonstrated their big blocks, great digs, and killer spikes, but it was Just Da Tip that managed to out muscle their opponents 22-20.

Sandy’s Angels were tops in Intermediate play.

Meanwhile, teams in the intermediate division battled it out in regular pool play to earn their spot in the semis. The results from regular play made it very clear that some teams were destined for the advanced league, whereas others would be demoted to the beginners’ division.

Notorious DIG and Poppin Volleys were quick to separate themselves from the pack both winning all three games. Sandy’s Angels and Rip Tide had a harder time getting into the swing of things, but their 2-1 records allowed them to clinch the last two spots in the semifinal games. Poppin Volleys were droppin’ volleys which led to their demise against Sandy’s Angels 21-15. Notorious DIG and Rip Tide had a long winded match, but in the end Notorious DIG added another victory to their flawless record with a score of 21-19.

The finals were spectacular to watch as Sandy’s Angels and Notorious DIG fought long and hard. Sandy’s Angels rose to the occasion barely beating their opponents 23-21. Both teams will be promoted to the Advance league.

In the beginner’s division “I have small balls” came out on top with a 4-0 record after regular pool play. Joining them in the semifinal matches would be “That’s what she set” with a 3-1 record, and “Dat Ace Hole” and “New Kids on the Block” both with a 2-2 record.

“New Kids on the Block” made their presence known when they defeated “I have small balls” 21-12 in the semis. It must have been a day for the underdogs, as “Dat Ace Hole” proceeded to eliminate “That’s what she set.” 21-7.”

Dat Ace Hole were the best among the beginners.

Dat Ace Hole” and “New Kids on the Block” met for the second time that day in the finals. “New Kids on the Block” felt confident going into the finals as they had already beaten this team in regular pool play 21-17. “Dat Ace Hole” was out for revenge and they showed no mercy for the “New Kids on the Block” as they defeated them 21-17.  Both of these teams will be moving onto bigger and better things as next week they will be joining the ranks of the intermediate division.

In the Elite doubles division, games were played in male and female brackets. With a growing number of male teams and female teams mainly from the national training program, this division is likely to have some breakthrough players.

The top male team this week was Jesper Barozo and Keeble Knight who beat Richard Campbell and Shaun Schaller in a head to head climactic final match. The top women’s team saw Heather Thompson and Stefania Gandolfi win against Cristin Alexander and Taylor Burrowes in their final match of the day. Stay tuned for more action in the doubles brackets as the elite players start to solidify their partnerships.


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