Splash N Dash event making its mark

Athletes set off for the 2017 Capt Marvin's Memorial Splash N Dash.

In an event that has grown since its inception a few years back, more than 100 people turned out for the 2017 Captain Marvin’s Memorial Splash N Dash event Sunday morning (12 March).

“I’m so happy,” said Kendall Ebanks of FN Sports, which organised the race. “Today we have over a hundred people. I think in the first year we had around 65 people, the second year it was about 75, and right now it’s over a hundred. It’s bigger, it’s better.”

The event, held for the third time, honoured his late father, Captain Marvin Ebanks, who died in 2014. “I wanted to do an awesome event in remembrance of him. His life was on the water. I thought that it was only right that we create the Splash N Dash in memory of him,” Ebanks said.

The Splash N Dash event featured a sea swim of approximately 800 metres at Seven Mile Public Beach, followed by a two-mile road run. 38 people did the entire event solo, while 15 teams of two split swimming and running duties. More than 30 others opted for the running component only – the Captain Marvin’s Two-Mile Run.

Tobias Muchene easily won the two-mile run for the second year in a row. He finished in 12 minutes, 15.7 seconds.

“The run was good. It was a little bit warm but as a runner, you have to do have you have to do and push it. Being a short race, you have to keep up with the speed. I felt I didn’t do the best but it was good,” Muchene told CaymanSportsBuzz.com moments after

Next across the line were Darryn Monaghan (12:31.0) and Liam Monaghan (12:53.7). Sarah Clouser was the first female to finish the two-mile run in 15:27.9, with Anneka Greenway second (16:20.7) and Puspa Rumba third (17:05.1).

In the team event of the Splash N Dash, it was a sibling battle all the way. Jake Bailey was just ahead of his older sister, Sam, coming out of the water. Jake then left the running to Tommy Kehoe, while Sam turned things over to Tommy’s younger sister, Molly – both hitting the road at just about the same time.

Tommy used his age advantage to open a gap over his sister and win the team race with Jake, beating their sisters into second place. “It was pretty calm and pretty fun,” Jake said. “It felt pretty good because I was just ahead of my sister.”

Tommy had to deal with the sun shining down brightly but that didn’t slow him down. “It was pretty hot out there on the road but once we got onto the straight by Tikki Beach, the trees were making some shade, so it was nice running along there,” he said.

Both boys said they enjoyed the team aspect, and have taken home bragging rights over their sisters.

Sean Lilley was the first among those who did the swim and run on their own. He finished in 24 minutes and 21 seconds, just ahead of Kurt Bowers (24:28.1). Jon Roney, who was first out of the water among the solo participants, was third across the line in a time of 24:46.3.

Marlie Du Toit was the first female Splash N Dash finisher in 26:21.8, ahead of Nadine Gray (27.04.0) and Jill Litrenta (27:39.3).

See full results here.

Corrine Ebanks, Maria Leonce, and Celia Hydes have enjoyed recent walk/runs.

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