Sports history on display

Visitors to the NHD exhibit were taken down Cayman's sporting memory lane.

More than 20 sporting associations were on hand for the 2018 National Heroes Day Exhibition on 22 January at the George Town Town Hall.

“It’s a huge exhibition of memorabilia of the various associations over the years,” said Cayman Islands Cycling Association president Craig Merren, who was the spokesperson for the exhibit.

“It’s only the good grace of the Lord in blessing the people of these islands to achieve what we have from when Cayman started to develop to the Olympics in 1976 and onward. That, in itself, shows the strength of the Caymanian people,” he said. “These heroes of the past are laying the foundation for the heroes of tomorrow in international competition.”

In addition to looking at the historical displays, there were live demonstrations by some groups. made a brief visit to the exhibition. Here’s a look at some of what we saw.


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