St Ignatius wins PSA track and field title

St Ignatius Catholic School claimed its first ever Murray-Westerborg Trophy as the overall champions of the Private School Association High School Track & Field Meet at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Thursday, 7 December 2017.

The meet featured several athletes from eight private schools in Grand Cayman, including some with ambitions of representing the Cayman Islands at the CARIFTA Games in Bahamas next Easter.

In the end, it came down to a two-way battle for supremacy between Cayman Prep & High School and St Ignatius. Prep took the title in the Big Schools category with 1,373 points, followed by St Ignatius on 1,283 points. Cayman International School (530 pts) and Triple C School (280) rounded out the standings in that category.

However, when the overall standings were tabulated – factoring the size of the competing delegations – it was St Ignatius Catholic School taking the big prize. (see standings below)

St Ignatius student-athletes were in a celebratory mood at the end.

Wesleyan Christian Academy were tops among Small Schools, followed by Montessori By The Sea, Grace Christian Academy, and Hope Academy.

St Ignatius and Prep dominated the champion boy and girl awards for all years, with Cayman Prep’s Jaden Francis being named Victrix Ludorum as the top female athlete at the meet and Dante Baptiste of St Ignatius Catholic School taking the male honours at Victor Ludorum.


St Ignatius Catholic School         1,411

Cayman Prep & High School      1,373

Montessori By The Sea                    649

Cayman International School       610

Grace Christian Academy              364

Triple C School                                   322

Hope Academy                                   230

Wesleyan Christian Academy      173

Big Schools

Cayman Prep & High School      1,373

St Ignatius Catholic School         1,283

Cayman International School        530

Triple C School                                    280


Small Schools

Wesleyan Christian Academy   83

Montessori By The Sea                 59

Grace Christian Academy           56

Hope Academy                                51


Top Athletes

Year 7

Girls: Charlotte Kerr, St Ignatius Catholic School             40 points

Boys: Ty Goddard, St Ignatius Catholic School                  38 points

Year 8

Girls: Tracey Campbell, Cayman Prep & High School     34 points

Boys: Justin Byles, Cayman Prep & High School               29 points

Year 9

Girls: Molly Kehoe, Cayman Prep & High School              28 points

Boys: Levi Superville, Cayman Prep & High School        28 points

Year 10

Girls: Jaden Francis, Cayman Prep & High School            40 points

Boys: Cameron Brown, Cayman Prep & High School     31 points

Year 11

Girls: Jenny Licona, St Ignatius Catholic School                21 points

Boys: Dante Baptiste, St Ignatius Catholic School            40 points

Year 12/13

Girls: Deajra Tullock, St Ignatius Catholic School            38 points

Boys: Will Edwards, Cayman Prep & High School           29 points

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