Sunset women remain unbeaten

Lauren Scott opened the scoring for Sunset FC.

Sunset FC played to a well-earned 2-0 win over Elite SC in the CIFA Women’s Premier League on Saturday, 19 November.

The week two match-up saw the defending league and FA cup champions taking on a side that was dominant against newcomers Alliance FC in the opener.

Ball movement was the key in windy conditions at the Annex and both teams initially struggled with long passes but quickly adjusted to the tricky environment.

In the 17th minute, veteran net-minder Jovani Hessing was called upon to deny the Elite attack. Then in the 23rd, Elite failed to capitalise on a breakaway opportunity.

Nikki Evans in the Elite goal granted Sunset a chance in the 27th minute after not moving as swiftly as she should have to clear a pass from a defender.

Elite's captain Shanice Monteith  led the way.

Elite’s captain Shanice Monteith led the way.

It would be another 10 minutes before the deadlock was broken. Lauren Scott fired one in from about 20 yards out and found the back of the net to give Sunset FC the 1-0 advantage entering the break.

Shanice Monteith, who played a good game for Elite, entered the Sunset half and hit the post from a long range shot. A couple of inches was the difference between Sunset holding on to a 1-0 lead and the game being tied.

Sunset’s lead doubled 23 minutes from full time when Lisa Sullivan’s right-footed strike beat Evans.

Elite picked up the tempo as the game neared the end, desperate to salvage anything from a match-up of teams that looked pretty even on the day but Hessing denied the West Bay club in the 90th minute to earn a clean sheet.

This was Sunset’s first win of the fresh 2016-17 season, after a 2-2 draw against Scholars on 5 November. Elite now has one win and one loss after thrashing Alliance FC 5-1.

The game between Scholars International and Alliance FC was postponed.

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