Support sports, urges former minister

CIAA President Lance Barnes (left) with Truman Bodden.

For more than two decades, Truman Bodden has been a supporter of the Cayman Islands Athletic Association (CIAA). A meet bearing his name is a regular feature on the CIAA calendar and it’s fitting that events take place at a stadium bearing his name.

The former Leader of Government Business and Sports Minister was on hand at the 3 February Truman Bodden Track & Field Meet. He sat a few metres from the track, smiling as he watched emerging stars showcase their talents.

“I enjoy being here, but I also believe that it does benefit the school children and also the older athletes. It obviously keeps them out of other areas that are probably not as healthy as sports,” he said.

Mr Bodden recalled how he became a sponsor of the meet. “Back when I was the Minister of Sports, actually going back 30 years, I used to support runs in those days. When the CIAA came, I shifted to them.”

He said the motivation to support is just as strong today as it was back then. “I believe that it is one of the best and healthiest things that we can have our youth, especially, involved in. I urge everyone in Cayman to fully support sports.”

Tarique Beckford (627) wins the U11 Boys 100m

Here’s a summary of winners on that day:

U11 Girls 100m: Anniya Stewart (Mustang T.C.)  15.36

U11 Boys 100m: Christo Durant (Prospect Primary School) 14.13

U13 Girls 100m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang T.C.) 13.91

U13 Boys 100m: Jaime Stewart (Mustang T.C.) 14.18

U15 Girls 100m: Jazmin Robinson (Mustang T.C.) 13.64

U15 Boys 100m: Errol Smith (Mustang T.C.) 12.33

U17 Girls 100m: Danneika Lyn (Mustang T.C.) 13.03

U17 Boys 100m: Derrick Francis (Mustang T.C.) 11.85

U20 Women 100m: Nakityah Sairsingh (Mustang T.C.) 13.85

U20 Men 100m: Maliek Copeland (HyTech Tigers) 11.4h

Men 100m: Carl Morgan (HyTech Tigers) 11.25


U11 Girls 200m: Jylisa Seymour (Mustang T.C.) 32.7h

U11 Boys 100m: Tarique Beckford (Mustang T.C.) 31.7h

U13 Girls 200m: Aaliyannah Anderson (Mustang T.C.) 28.4h

U13 Boys 200m: Ty Goddard (Mustang T.C.) 29.2h

U15 Girls 200m: Jazmin Robinson (Mustang T.C.) 29.28

U15 Boys 200m: Bradley Erskine (Falcon Athletics) 29.96

U17 Boys 200m: Samuel Campbell (Mustang T.C.) 24.27

U20 Men 200m: Jordan Johnson (Mustang T.C.) 24.32

Men 200m: Jermaine Brooks (Mustang T.C.) 22.36


U15 Boys 400m: Jaiden Reid (Mustang T.C.) 59.86

U17 Girls 400m: Kaylee Mellaneo (Falcon Athletics) 1:05.9h

U17 Boys 400m: Samuel Campbell (Mustang T.C.) 55.93

Men 400m: Jermaine Brooks (Mustang T.C.) 49.16

Victor Magalhaes stumbles across the line ahead of Michael Smikle in the 800m.


U17 Boys 800m: Andrew McLaughlin (345 Athletic Club) 2:22.1h

Women 800m: Tiffany Cole (345 Athletic Club) 2:15.51

Men 800m: Victor Magalhaes (345 Athletic Club) 2:01.5h


U17 Boys 1500m: Andrew McLaughlin (345 Athletic Club) 5:09.76

U20 Men 1500m: Wyatt Bodden (345 Athletic Club) 5:02.75


Women 1500m: Ava Hider (345 Athletic Club) 4:55.06

Men 1500m: Victor Magalhaes (345 Athletic Club) 4:29.07


Women Javelin: Daneliz Thomas (Mustang T.C.) 41.96m

Men Javelin: Leroy Malcolm Jr (HyTech Tigers) 35.20m


Women Discus: Hannah Gibson (HyTech Tigers) 29.25m

Men Discus: Leroy Malcolm Jr (HyTech Tigers) 31.29m


U11 Girls Long Jump: Stella Seymour (Mustang T.C.) 3.38m

U13 Girls Long Jump: Deshae Cann (John Gray High School) 3.28m

U13 Boys Long Jump: Andrew Stone (Mustang T.C.) 4.50m

U15 Girls Long Jump: Rochelle Moore (Mustang T.C.) 3.98m

U20 Women Long Jump: Ashante Graham (Falcon Athletics) 5.37m

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