Teenager Forbes is cycling points champion

15-year-old Forbes topped the podium at the end of his first full season.

He was the youngest rider on the Cayman Islands Cycling Association’s circuit in 2018 but 15-year-old Nathaniel Forbes was the one standing the tallest at the end of the season. In his first year of competition, Forbes topped the podium as the points champion.

“It feels amazing holding this trophy. I thought this was impossible but hard work pays off,” the young cyclist told CaymanSportsBuzz.com. “Although it was painful, I still found a way.”

It was consistency that did the trick for Forbes, as he was the top of the three juvenile competitors on the circuit this year, which gave him enough points (86) to stand atop the podium as the overall points champion.

Veteran cyclist, Michele ‘Mitch’ Smith topped the Masters category and was second overall with 85 points. Another juvenile rider, Josh Weaver, was third overall with 73 points as another consistent performer.

L-R: DJ Evans of Spartan Event Management, Michele Smith, Nathaniel Forbes, Josh Weaver.

Forbes has fallen in love with the sport during his first full season on the circuit. He also credits cycling with improving his work ethic elsewhere. “By doing cycling, it helps me in different ways like schoolwork. You have to work hard to achieve, so I will continue to push on with the sport. It’s a passion although it is difficult,” he said.

Ameline, who was second among Masters riders through the season, said he was pleased to see Forbes, his brother Matthew, and Weaver improve as the season went along.

Jerome Ameline and Michele Smith are no strangers to the podium.

“I’m very proud. The three of them are training at Revolutions. Regardless of who arrives first, I’m proud of the three of them. It is definitely a fun atmosphere among them. Nathaniel is the youngest and I think there is a big future in the next two years,” Ameline, a former champion said.

His comments have echoed those of cycling officials, who say they hope the showing by the youngsters will encourage more youth to embrace the sport.

The Forbes brothers missed out on a chance to represent the Cayman Islands at the Junior Caribbean Amateur Cycling Championships in Bermuda earlier this month, where Weaver was the lone competitor from the 345 area code.


Top 3 in Cat 3
L-R: Yazzer Abdullah, Denver Casayuran, Lionel Durrant.


Cat 1

  1. James Smith: 61
  2. Steven Abbot: 58
  3. Patrick Harfield: 53


Cat 2

  1. Gibson Edwards: 51
  2. Cebert Wood: 48
  3. Stuart Bray: 45


Cat 3

  1. Denver Casayuran: 60
  2. Yazzer Abdulah: 56
  3. Lionel Durant: 35


Cat 4

  1. Reynaldo Glabog: 36
  2. Matteo Manfio: 35
  3. Adam Leak: 29



  1. Nathaniel Forbes: 86
  2. Josh Weaver: 73
  3. Matthew Forbes: 23



  1. Michele Smith: 85
  2. Jerome Ameline: 69
  3. David Cooke: 45


Super Masters

  1. Laurent Webber: 58
  2. Chris Sutton: 18
  3. Vico Testori: 10



  1. Nadine Gray: 46
  2. Rachel Gooden: 36
  3. Alyssa Dodson: 10


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