Tennis club celebrates summer of success


Cayman Islands Tennis Club is celebrating the success of its junior members this past summer. According to the club, the juniors had their most successful summer to date, earning multiple wins and high placings.

They combined for 14 tournament titles, along with multiple second place finishes. Here is a breakdown:

Jake Booker – 3 Titles (2 in Canada, 1 in Cayman)

Lauren Fullerton – 4 Titles: Two 1st place and a 2nd place result in Jamaica, as well as a title in Canada and in the United States.

Jack Lomax – 1 Title and two 2nd places in Jamaica

Oskar Bjuro – 2nd place twice in Jamaica and once in Cayman

Jakub Neveril – 1 Title in Jamaica

Callum Theaker – 1 Title and 2 second places in Jamaica

Harrison Clough – 1 Title in Jamaica

Jake Serpell – 1 Title in Jamaica

Jade Wilkinson – 1 Title in Cayman

Calum Lindsay – 1 2nd Place in Cayman

Xavier Marshall – 1 Title in Cayman

Raphael Wejbora – 1 2nd place finish

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