Tennis Club still serving young players during lockdown

Coach Yana Koroleva has been hosting Zoom training sessions with young players

Tell a child who loves participating in their favourite activity that they can’t do that and you have a chore on your hands. Thankfully, some young tennis players have been able to keep working on their game despite not being able to get on the court these past couple of months.

Coach Yana Koroleva of the Cayman Islands Tennis Club has been in touch with some of her younger players utilising Zoom for virtual lessons.

“There’s actually a lot of things you can work on like footwork,” Koroleva explained during an interview with Cayman Sports Buzz. “Tennis footwork is very different than other sports. It does require a lot of off court work normally.”

She has also worked with players on their stroke technique. “It has worked quite well actually. You’d be surprised. I didn’t know what to expect at first myself but they’re working hard,” she said. “This works pretty well.”

See Coach Yana’s interview below.

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